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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Sanjana Rajpal



Sanjana Rajpal


Just Another Life!

Just Another Life!

6 mins 501 6 mins 501

"Drive carefully Samar. You're surely going to get us killed one day. Look on the road for God's sake." Aahana said frustrated.

"Oh come on Aahana, how on the earth you expect me to look on the road when the most beautiful women is sitting right next to me. This is not fair. Not fair for the lady." Samar said holding Aahana's hands.

She did blush a little but was not willing to kill the arrogant look on her face.

"Stop flirting and drive fast to the community hall. I am starving out of hunger. The moon would be out anytime soon."

"Have patience wifey. I won't let that happen. It's just that I have a little bit of surprise for you. But for now let me focus at my beautiful wife." Samar said winking at her.

It was Karwachauth that day and Aahana as usual had kept a fast for Samar. She was doing this since last 5 years. She looked ravishingly beautiful in her red Patiala suit with embroidery all over it. She wore the choodas, mangalsutra and had the glow of a perfect wife.

Samar could not stop praising her. He was just not ready to look on the road. He had this habit since a long time and even today they both were fighting about the same topic all over again.

"Surprise, what is it about?" Aahana asked smilingly.

"They have a reason to call it a surprise. It is not to be told baby."

"Fine, Don't tell me. But please look at the road". Aahana said pushing Samar's face towards the road with her palm.

"Aahana you know I can drive without looking on the road."

"What!" Aahana said agape

"Yes wifey, I have practiced it in the society's lobby. I do it almost every morning so that I can look at the beautiful girl sitting next to me while driving." Samar smirked.

"Are you kidding me? Driving without looking in the front and that too in the society's lobby. Samar there are children playing. What if....." She almost shouted but he cut her in mid-sentence.

"Shhh… How much do you speak? Now remain quiet. You haven't had water all day long. Just be quiet. You'd be already feeling thirsty."

"As if you care. Don't you care about those children? You have no traffic sense. God, whom have I married to?"

"To your husband." Samar said as a matter-of-fact.

"And anyway has anything happened till now. No. So just relax. Nothing would happen. I am even not that bad at traffic rules." He continued

"Ok now don't eat my head up. I am already starving and this traffic is just unbearable now. When will we reach" Aahana said making a childlike face.

"Just some more time, Aahana. Have patience. I know you have it."

They were stuck at the M.G. Road traffic jam and it was a big one.

It was after half an hour when the traffic started to clear. Aahana finally was relieved.

Samar drove the car out of traffic while talking on the phone, as Aahana had said, he lacked traffic sense. Indeed true.

"Careful Samar" Aahana said concerned.

"Mr. Mehta, please keep the presentation ready by 8.00 am tomorrow. I don't want to lose this deal at any cost. Am I clear..." Suddenly he stopped the car with a jerk.

A stout pot-bellied man was waving his hand to stop Samar's car. Samar stopped seeing the traffic police.

He looked at Aahana and she gave him a glare, a bad one. He thought that he was dead today. He has to deal with two inspectors. First the pot bellied inspector and then the lady inspector sitting on the passenger seat next to him.

"Mr. Mehta I'll call you later.

Yes sir, something wrong??" He asked the inspector will a child face.

"Both of you come out." the inspector ordered.

Aahana and Samar moved out of the car towards the inspector. Aahana was murmuring something looking at Samar with anger in her eyes. Samar was no doubt afraid.

"Yes sir" they both said

"Driving while talking over the phone, not looking at the road while driving and driving without a seatbelt? Mr..."

"Samar Khurana" he provided.

"So Mr. Khurana you have to come with us to the police station for breaking so many laws together."

The inspector said.

Aahana looked at Samar while he was looking at his shoes trying to avoid eye contact with Aahana. He was feeling guilty for making Aahana wait on Karwachauth.

"I'm sorry sir but can I please do the formalities over here or later. My wife is fasting today and we've to go for the ceremonies." Samar pleaded

"Mrs. Khurana, you've kept a fast today, but for whom? Him," The inspector asked Aahana.

"Yes sir" Aahana said somewhat shocked.

"But if he does not care for his life then why should you be hungry and thirsty for him. If he is not concerned why are you?" The inspector asked.

Now, Samar was feeling completely embarrassed.

"Sorry sir. I won't repeat this again." said Samar apologetically

"Mr. Khurana, don't say sorry to me. She is the one who deserves it. She left her home, her parents, her ambition everything for you and you act so selfish. Is it so difficult to wear a seatbelt or not to talk on phone?"

"Look over there." the inspector pointed towards a few couples on two-wheelers stopped by the police.

"They were the ones not wearing helmet while driving. This year we are requesting all the wives for gifting their husbands a helmet on this festival so that if not by the fast, at least their life could be saved by a protection while driving."

"I didn't stop you to take you to police station. Our intention today is to make people realize their mistake. To make them think that there is someone waiting for them at home and they are loved by someone very much.

So Mr. Khurana, please don't say sorry to me. Say sorry to your wife and promise her that you'll drive safe from this moment itself."

Samar looked at Aahana and realized that she was crying. He held her hand and said" Wifey I am sorry for not listening to you. I know you love me a lot and want me in your life. I promise that I won't drive this way ever. I would always look on the road but for that you've to try not to look good."

The inspector smiled and Aahana's face turned into a dark shade of red...

She wiped her tears away and hugged Samar. She motioned him to look towards the moon in the sky.

"Thank you for making me realize my mistake sir." Said Samar and shook hands with the inspector.

"That was my duty Mr. Khurana. Now go and make her eat something." The inspectors said.

They both headed towards the community hall and completed all the rituals. Samar fed Aahana from his hands and then in front of everyone, he bent down on his knees and gifted a ring to her.

They learnt a big lesson today.

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