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S. Suganthi

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational

Be A Sovereign Girl

Be A Sovereign Girl

2 mins

I am a girl, both strong and emotional at the same time. I feel okay when I do not fit in the box when I do not know the latest fashion trends. I have never supported people saying "All men are dogs", it's just that you've met the wrong ones.


I love wildly, passionately, fiercely. I love my every scar, lines, and curves. And so you should do. Everyone comes with a dark, very dark past that no one knows exactly. Hence I love darkness, I adore the moon. I am very impatient, but I learn patience from the sun every day. I am more than the girl you see who gets afraid of seeing dogs. I am more than someone who is too shy to say 'HAI'. I am more than my mistakes and broken promises. I do not blame society for my failures, the rumors that you heard about me (dedicate this line to all women).

Because in the end, I (women) am in society and we all are.

  In this world, all women are kind-hearted. And we should feel proud to be a woman. Because we are 'too emotional ' in this cruel world. We all were born different and unique, so why to be afraid of being emotional?? I am braver and stronger than every storm that tried to break me, tear me apart. And so you are!! 

  As a woman, we do not need permission to be proud, love yourself and the same should be with you. So, ladies, you are the "GIFT OF SUPREME". 






Smile and love harder. Feel proud. The world needs grace, the world needs you. 

PS: Be the woman, other women can trust. Be the woman, other men can count on. Be the woman, who is enough on her own. Just be the way you are. Don't change yourself for others. And be a sovereign girl!!

When you started being yourself, the real independent you got in your life.!!!


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