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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Suja Renga



Suja Renga




5 mins 206 5 mins 206

As the strong wind entered the house through the door.  Nisha entered the house and kept the school bag on the sofa and shouted aloud, “Mama, Dhadhi”. She was looking so happy & excited. 

She ran like little deer running towards the kitchen But alas she couldn’t find them there. She said, “Oh no....”

Shouting mama, Dhadhi she ran out of kitchen. Meanwhile, the ladies of the house could hear Nisha’s shouting.

Nisha's mom said aloud, “ Baby we are in Dhadhi’s room. Come here.  What do you want & why are you shouting?”

Nisha ran to her mom hugged her and said, “Mama, tomorrow in our school they are going celebrate a mini carnival for students, there will be stalls & games.

Mama tomorrow while going to school you give me some money.  So. I will buy things for me and I will eat my favourite panipuris and other chats items too.

She then showed them the pamphlet regarding the carnival in their school with a note to parents regarding the stall put up in her school.

Her mom asked her, “Darling do you know to handle money you are just studying in class one dear”.

Nisha told, “No problem mama, there are volunteers to help us. Our teacher said the senior student will help us and they will take care of us & also be with us.”

Also, I had been to shops with you many times, so why to worry? Her grandma also said this kind of activities will help her to learn in handling money.

She then turned to Nisha and said, “tomorrow you have to tell me what you got and what you ate and their rates?”

Nisha was so happy she nodded her head and ran into her room to change her clothes. She had her snacks and went out to meet her friends and tell them about the carnival.

After talking and playing with her friends Nisha came home. Without anyone’s help she finished her homework.

At night, at the dining table, she told her grandpa & dad about the carnival. They could see the excitement in her face,

At night she couldn’t sleep. She was just planning what to get? Her grandma came and asked her to sleep soon, so she could wake up early.

The next day morning she woke up early and got ready fast to school. She came to the dining table everyone was having breakfast.

Nisha wished them good morning. She had her breakfast. Then she went to each member and asked money for carnival celebration.

Everyone gave her Rs 20/- each. She counted and said to them I have 100/- rupees and kept it safely in the little purse and kept it in her uniform pocket.

Her mother said, “Darling be careful with money and enjoy”

She said bye to all. Came out and she boarded the school bus. She sat with her friend waiting to reach the school as early as possible.

The bus reached the school. Nisha and her friend went to the class. After the morning assembly the class teacher took the morning attendance. Then she stood up gave important instruction to the students how to handle money.

She then called the volunteer students and asked them to be very polite and help them & guide in doing shopping.

She also told the little student to listen to the volunteers.

The teacher also joined them.

Nisha was so happy and she walked in a line with her friend and went to the stall area.

She paused by each stall with other. She first wanted to eat her favourite pani puri.

She and her friend went to chat stall and asked them What is the cost of one plate of pani puri ??

They said its 20/-.

Her friend asked what is the cost of one plate of bhel puri?

The boy in the stall said, “It’s also 20/- only”.

They both decide each will get different and share with each other, so, they got one plate of pani puri and bhelpuri.

Both thanked the volunteer for helping them and moved in search of a place to sit and eat.

Nisha and her friends smiled at each other and started to walk. Suddenly the plate in the hand flew high and both the girls fell down.

For a second, they didn’t know what happened to them She saw a boy running after hitting them.


Nisha stood up and chased him. He entered a classroom. She to entered the class and in front of all students She said to that boy, “You didn’t know that you should say sorry for pushing us down and dropping our chats”.

The boy felt ashamed but he shouted at Nisha, “How dare you shout at me like this? It was an accident”.

Nisha said, “Let it be an accident, but you must have said sorry to us” He said, “No way little girl, I will not say”.

Nisha sat in the class and asked her friend also to sit. She said I will not go until he says sorry to us.

The student in the class insisted him to say sorry because he had made the mistake. He said I will get them the chat but no sorry. How can I say sorry to this little girl. At the time the teacher entered the class came to know what happened.

Without asking anything the teacher also sat with Nisha.

Slowly other students also sat with them. The boy didn’t know what to do.

He knew it was his mistake.

He said sorry to Nisha and her friend He said he will get them to chat too.

But Nisha said, “No friend, I just needed an apology from you for what you did. We will get our chats ourselves”.

She said thanks to the teacher and other students.

Nisha after reaching home told the entire story to her mom asked what she did was right or wrong???

Her mom said, “Ok dear you did correct who ever makes mistakes they should learn to ask sorry”.

Nisha was happy that she didn’t do any mistake and went happily.

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