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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Suja Renga



Suja Renga


The Dawn

The Dawn

12 mins 244 12 mins 244

On this fine Sunday morning, Ishi (Ishita) was not in a mood to get from the bed. She removed the blanket stretched her hand and got down from the bed. She slowly walked towards the window and moved the curtain sideways. Opened the windows. The rays of sun spreads on the room as if it was waiting for long time outside the window.

Ishi, looked down from her 8th floor of her apartment. She could see children enjoying their Sunday some playing, chatting & some even fighting. People were going walking, some with their headphones on their heads. The laughter club members were laughing loud and relieving their stress.

She just smiled which showed the dimple in her cheek clearly. She stood there and enjoyed. After a while she went to freshen her up as she could feel her large intestine was eating her small intestine. She was feeling angry. Within few minutes she came back and had her cereals with milk. She switched on the television and was switching between the channels. Suddenly she could hear mobile ringing she kept the bowl on the table and ran inside her room to pick the phone. It was her friend Dheer’s call.

She picked and in frustration said “hello, why daaa, you called me now? Was enjoying a good movie in the television”.

He said, “wait, wait, why are shouting at me? Your friend cum business partner Tina, asked me to remind about the appointment with a client at 10am”.

Oh! No, Sorry, sorry biting her little finger She said, “How can I forget it? It’s an important meeting in our life. It’s our dream.”. Dheer interrupted her and said, “stop madam, now it’s not time to go to flash back its already late, you have to leave in another 15 minutes. It takes nearly 45 minutes to reach the client office”. He wished her success and said the time is not far to see their dream come true.

Ishi, ran to her room. Within 10 minutes she was ready. Booked a cab and took the house key, locked her house and walked towards the lift. She came out of the lift. There, the cab was waiting for her at the flat entrance. She made herself comfortable at the back seat behind the driver. The cab started to move forwards towards her destination. She closed her eyes and her thoughts started to move three years backward.

She was in her last semester of her Bachelor of architecture (B Arch). A campus interview was going in her college. she was also selected to attend the campus interview. She passed the interview and got the appointment letter from a reputed Interior design company “Rising High”. She was so happy celebrated with her Friends and parents. The final semester exam came. She passed out with flying colours.

The next stage of her life also came the first day of her job. She went the new office. Yes, she was little tensed, “How it would be? There were so many question popping out of her mind.” She said to herself, “Cool, Cool Ishi. You can do it”. She showed her appointment letter to the receptionist in the office. She gave a beautiful smile at her and said, “Hi, Ishi welcome to our ‘Rising High’’. She then showed her way to the MD cabin. Ishi in return thanked her and walked towards the MD cabin. Now she felt very light and excited.

 She enters the MD Cabin after a formal introduction. He briefly narrated her the nature of the work. Then she was introduced to a new team as a trainer employee. The head of the team was Mukul. Before going further let me introduce about my team head. A handsome, smart and gym fit guy aged 25 years.

Ishi smiled at him and said, “Good morning Sir”. He in return without a smile in face said, “Good morning, see this is not college you have to be sincere in your work and I want sincere, dedicated people who are willing to learn are welcomed in this team”. Without a pause he continued his speech, ok, let me introduce designers in our team members, this is Tina, Arun and Shubham”. He called Tina and said, “Guide her in the work, give her small jobs first let’s see how she performs then let’s decide, Ok”. She turned to both of them and said, “Don’t start gossiping in the office hours”. He then left to his cabin.

Ishi asked to herself, “Oh God, when he must have last smiled or laughed”. She turned to her team members and asked, whether you people know to smile or you all are also ……”. Tina looked at others and they all silently smiled. Then Tina explained about the project and explained her work. The first day at her office came to an end. Ishi found Tina very comfortable and she was happy that Tina knows to smile.

Ishi reached back home from office, she told her mom and dad about her first day and she even acted like Mukul and they hand big fun. Her Mom told her, “Ishi, I would like to gift a dairy milk bar for the person who makes your team leader to smile”. They all laughed again.

Ishi, started to go to office and she was very smart & intelligent and learned her work very easily. She impressed not only her teammates but the entire office. Sometimes she uses to visit their sites with Shubham or Arun. Tina became her close friend. They both use to go around the city on holidays and visit either of the house and enjoyed a lot. As usual silently Mukul noticed her efficiency in her work. Started talking to her politely. One fine day he even smiled at her and Ishi was shocked for a second, she couldn’t blink her eyes.

In the evening she ran to her mom and said, “Mom, where is my dairy milk?”. She asked what happened. She told her mom about the bet she told her before. Ishi got the chocolate kept in her bag and started her routine work at home.

Next day when she reached the office she showed them the big dairy milk bar. Everyone started asking what special about it. Then she narrated the story and was dancing, they all were sharing the chocolate and laughing. Suddenly they heard a noise and turned to see what. They were being shocked to see Mukul standing near the door. Mukul pointed Ishi and said, “Get ready fast with all details, we have to go for a meeting to our client’s office “. Ishi asked him, “Sir, it’s me to come with you?”. Mukul Asked her, “Any problem??”. She said no sir. She took her laptop bag and few files and said bye to her friends and left the room thinking what he would say.

Ishi was coming quietly in the car. Thinking what he would say. Ishi was looking outside the window. Suddenly, Mukul asked her, “where is my share of chocolate?”. Ishi got shocked and She doesn’t know what to say, kept quiet with her head down. He laughed loudly and said, I liked your mom’s bet. Ishi felt relieved at his words. He asked her about her family. She told him that she was only daughter of her parents and in return she asked him about his family. She said I am also only son to my parents. They talked more on the way to & fro to meeting.

Slowly Mukul also started to be friendly with other members of his office. They all together started going for outing and enjoyed holidays. He was very caring to Ishi. Ishi also liked his caring attitude. At this moment, Tina marriage was fixed with her childhood friend Dheer.

All enjoyed a lot in Tina-Dheer wedding. Ishita came with her parents to Tina-Dheer wedding. Mukul also came with his parents. Arun alone. Shubham with his wife. Ishi & Mukul parents talked a lot. After marriage both the parents left. Only close family members and their friends were there. Mukul was waiting for her to drop her home.

On the way back home, he slowly proposed her to be his life partner. She didn’t know what to say she said she will tell her decision tomorrow. She told her parents about this. They told her that your just 22 years and you don’t know about him very well let’s wait. But they also told Ishi that they will not go against her wish.

Suddenly, there was a jerk. She could feel a sudden break in the car. So she opened her eyes she couldn’t recognize what’s happening. She looked at the cab driver and asked him what happened? He said a dog ran across the car so he had to put sudden brake to save the dog.  He said sorry to Ishi for putting a sudden brake. Ishi said to him be careful and she looked around and saw up to which place she has reached. Still nearly fifteen more minutes travelling left. She told the driver to drive carefully.

Isha then took the phone and called Tina. Told her what happened and what was going in mind on her travel. Tina told her, “Ishi, I know it very difficult to forget. But now you to concentrate on the dream and we have to get this project and now you just think about the meeting.”. She asked her whether she has to come or ask Dheer to join her. Ishi said no need as she was in her final stage of pregnancy and she said she would call her after meeting the client. By the time she reached the client’s office.

Ishi meets the higher official and explained how they can help in their project using their designs. The officials asked her to wait for few minutes as they have to discuss. She waited at the reception for nearly 15 minutes. They called her inside and said that they are ready to give the project to them. Ishi was so happy she felt as if she was flying high. Then they talked about other official procedure for nearly 30 minutes. She thanked them and came out to her surprise Dheer was standing with flowers in his hand. He could see the happiness in her face and he wished her for success in getting the project.

Dheer picked her in his car drove towards his house. On the way she called Tina and told her about this important happy news. Tina told her she knew she will succeed. She said happy times are back. Ishi switched off the phone and told Dheer, “Everything happened like a dream, isn’t it?”, He was silent.


He could see Ishi again going back to her old memories but he never disturbed her because he knew from tomorrow she will not have time to think about this as she will be busy in her new project.


She was thinking of her days with Mukul. Everything was fine until she could feel that she is been over cared by him. As she was working good they made her also a head of another project and Tina to joined in that project. After this Mukul’s caring nature and interference in her work created problem for her.


Mukul uses to pick her & drop her home in his car. Each and ever hour he used to check whether she had her break, her lunch etc. His over caring nature created inconveniences in her work. If she was able not attend his call he would come to her cabin and check if she is really busy. Sometimes He will make the team member to leave the cabin and ask her to relax. She uses to feel odds at this kind of behaviour. If she tries to explain to him he says the love toward her makes him to take care of her. But, if ishi asks him about his work he never likes her to interfere in his work or other personal activities.

Ishi found slowly that it was not the right decision to marry him and she discussed with Tina and Dheer. They told her to talk clearly with him as it’s her future. So, Ishi decide to talk with him the next day.

The next day she left her home early to avoiding traveling with Mukul. She was busy working in office. She was called by the management committee to the conference hall. When she entered the hall. All the office staffs were there and Mukul was also seated in front row with the same grim face. The MD called her in front and said her project which she design was approved by Australian company so she with her team will go to Australia for 6 months. She was so surprised and her team was called on stage and everyone clapped for them.

After the meeting Ishi and his team were so happy. At that time Mukul came into their cabin and told Ishi to not to accept the offer as he can’t live without her. Ishi tried to explain him it’s just a matter of six months. But,he not ready to understand her point. Mukul tried to convince her leave this project and after marriage they can go together abroad for other upcoming projects. Everyone was stunned the way Mukul behaved and her team was waiting for Ishi’s reply.

Ishi got so angry with loud voice she said, “Stop it Mukul, enough is enough I am not your slave. I can’t tolerate this nonsense. It’s good we didn’t get married. You don’t love me It’s just a infatuation. I can’t live like a slave”. Ishi started to cry, Tina tried to console but she couldn’t. Ishi immediately left the office and went home. Ishi told her parents what happened at the office.

Ishi father asked her, “just tell us your decision, we are concerned about you only. You are important to us”. Mean time Tina and Dheer also came they also said the same. While they were talking Mukul entered the house and started to shout that whatever she got was because of him. Ishi went inside and came back with a letter in her hand it was the resignation letter and said to him, “Good bye to You & the Job”. I don’t want any traces of you in my life. A big good bye and went inside her room. Mukul came to say something to her father. He said, “The main door is that side, never come into my daughter’s life. Let it be a bad dream and Ishi parents walked inside”. Tina and Dheer walked towards their car.

Ishi was jerked again now by a car horn sound. She saw they reached Tina’s house. She opened the car door ran toward Tina and hugged her and said the dawn has come in their life. She shouted hey,”We have got the project. Our hard work has shown success”. She turned towards Dheer and said, “if you both were not there, I would have lost my life. You people only showed me and motivated me that I have long way to go and enjoy my life. Thanks for your support.”

While they were talking Ishita parents entered the house with sweets and they too joined the moment of happiness. While talking Tina felt the delivery pain and she was immediately rushed to hospital. There she delivered a beautiful girl baby.

The dawn in their life has come. They enjoyed the success and slowly they developed their business in foreign countries. The two women made a mark in their field and received best women entrepreneur award.

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