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Eagerly waiting for my ride every evening in a state of complete exhaustion, I can’t help but observe people’s mannerisms given the population size breathing on campus. I’ve always been intrigued by this idea and often end up pondering about their backstories.

Presently as I sit idle during my open elective session with absolutely no company, I can’t resist observing a large group merrily chattering in contrast to a solitary person. My first immediate guess is that the latter is an introvert or maybe hasn’t had a very pleasant day which is why prefers to be secluded. Ugh, the possibilities are endless.

What I spot now is a rather amusing trio with 2 peculiarly tall girls standing on either sides of a short boy. It seems as though the odd one out is armed with bodyguards who probably are religious swimmers or basketball players. Nevertheless, the straight posture evidently indicates that he’s not insecure about his height.

Now as I lay my eyes on an intense discussion between two friends, it makes me wonder if they’re having a chat over the routine topics or conversing about the lip smacking lunch they’ve gobbled up. In comparison to this, two pals who are seated right next to each other are so engrossed on their screens that none of them has uttered a single syllable. I instantly deduce that they’ve had a quarrel or most likely it’s the addiction which is refraining the two to communicate.

With such comparisons on a daily basis, I’ve never come across brilliantly eccentric contrasts even when I learnt antonyms back in school.

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