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And The Last Day...

And The Last Day...

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It was a winter morning with chillness holding in the air, Riya with her best friend started for Puri to worship Lord Jagganath and then have a day over the beach . Around 11 am witnessing the deity came out and found few calls displaying an unknown number on the screen. She answered the call it was a new tone she encountered but she hears her name . Being busy in traffic it was difficult to identify. Well the day was well spent over the beach and she returned back home in the same evening. She called back to find who spoke to her in the morning. The guy introduced themself as Raman working in a PSU, but she didn't speak much and disconnected. The last night before sleep she had a gossip with her cousin regarding a proposal.

Then, it came to her mind was it he. The next day there was a morning wish from Raman. She then asked to detail about him. He called him up and briefly told about the link. Riya was shy enough. At first, she didn't like the voice too it was as heavy as a rude man. Raman was too shy to speak up. They started a conversation over messages.

From chatting about self it went to know each other and gradually messages were replaced by calls. Both of them used to sound busy for the rest world. Is this infatuation or a bonding forever wasn't clear. Well, both have only picturized each other in minds rather than facing each other.

Amidst fortnight Raman and Ria planned to meet without the knowledge of anyone in their families at a nearby cafe. Both were quite nervous about the dating but were glad inside to face each other.

Raman was before time and reserved a seat at the cafe, meanwhile, Ria was still confused about her attire. It's obvious girls' hidden tendency to be in dilemma to get ready for an event.

Raman was confident with his favorite perfume and the shirt which was Riya's fav color. Riya was half an hour late. She opened the door and stared corners with a single breath. Soon, her eyes bore into Raman's and a smile glittered on their faces. She took small steps but to reach the table.

Rhythmic beats were on in both hearts. Soon, there was the waiter with the menu. Both of them spent an hour there discussing officially rather purpose of the meeting.Raman dropped Riya near to her home. After reaching, both defined the moment of the evening. In gyst both found to be much alike as they picturized in mind. Well all set to move ahead to families' approval now.

Horoscopes play a vital role in Hindu families. Raman approached his parents about Riya and her family. Raman's father was a bit orthodox and sticken to customs. His father asked Riya's parents for the matching of kundlis. There they discovered both don't match and couldn't start a happy family. By this moment, it was quite difficult to resist a no though the two hearts have tied up to each other.

Riya's mom refused this proposal. Both were quite scattered within imagining the next consequence. Raman starved days fighting with his parents to agree on them and on the opposite side, Riya too couldn't make her mom agree. Seeing the pain of both hearts, their parents finally convinced the marriage.

The marriage took place with rituals. Everything went fine as they dreamt of. Days passed, one fine fine morning Raman started his car for his office, he felt dizziness and vomited inside the car. Beside was his friend who accompanied nearby hospitals. Raman was diagnosed with central vertigo in which there is huge damage inside the brain.The doctor said it's fetal and there is hardly a few time left. He kept secret to his love. He stopped loving her as he used to in order to create hatred in her mind. Riya faced very toughly to resist the change in Raman. Still, she used to love her the same and would never allow him to stay apart.

All of a sudden, in a dusky evening Raman asked Riya to dress up as the one they met the first time. She felt strange but kept his words. Both went again to the same cafe sat at the same place they first saw each other and mesmerized the days. Riya was a book of questions in her mind why such things happening it wasn't any special day neither birthday nor anniversary. They returned back home Raman kept on seeing past memories in pictures and asked Riya "If any time I wouldn't be there will this day make you feel I am there forever?".Tears rolling in her eyes, she uttered it would be my last day without you.

The next morning, there was a bell on the door saying newspaper.Riya fastened up so that it wouldn't disturb Raman though he fell asleep late. She freshened up and prepared Raman's favorite breakfast. It was about 11 am she was bit disquiet to know why her love hasn't awakened. She went nearby and held his hands but they seemed lifeless. She felt her breath has stopped and at her voice, she cried in pain. She was shattered completely with his demise. Her parents sheltered her but she was desolate. The last day was the only mean of her breath as she promised her love to feel him aside mesmerizing the last day they had together.

"Two waves in a single sea can't be set apart".

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