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An Innocent Smile

An Innocent Smile

3 mins

We, the intellectual humans are struggling every moment to sustain the pace of fast moving time. What we crave to achieve we don’t know. Everyone talks about happiness, about philosophy of enjoying our unpredictable life… Yet most of us are disoriented and every day we are totaling list of our desires. I am not a Guru in desire of followers and teach the art of living happily… I am only trying to understand that do my thoughts mingles with others and is my approach towards life in right direction. Money is imperative and so is happiness.

I wish to share a small story of a kid which changed my perspective towards real sense of happiness.

One October evening just before Diwali festival, on a routine day I encountered with a life. A small market which usually becomes decorated during festive seasons. There, I encountered a little boy named Sonu, who had a flourishing business of Diyas on the roadside of market. He stocked around 100 diyas of different shapes and sizes. I enquired about his products and prices, and was amazed the way he replied. I sat next to him and asked if he studies, he told that he goes to school in morning, then afternoon he starts helping his mother in making diyas and in evening they cum to market to sell them. Few more people asked him about diyas of bigger sizes, with alacrity he said yes however stock is with his mother who is sitting in next lane, but it will take time to go there and bring them. He looks sad, who will take care of his shop if he goes. There was a sense of sadness as it would result in loss of business. The sale which would hardly allow a supper for him and not Iphone, PSP or any other gadgets which he is not even aware of.

Then I interrupted, that I can take care of his shop while he goes and bring the big diyas for other customers. He looked at me in a delight and told me prices of all diyas in case if any customer enquired and ran to his mother lane.

When he left, couple of customers came, bargained, few bought diyas, few window shopped. Sonu returned with big diyas with a hope of increased sale, when I handed over him money for the diyas I sold, he was excited.

He offered the diyas to me as well, and said “didi aapko mai saste me de dunga” however I did not required those diyas but I could not stopped myself from buying lot of diyas from him.

Sonu smiled and I experienced a life in him and I realised this is called happiness.

He is struggling every day, not for gadgets, not for movie ticket, not for branded clothes, but just to earn bread for his family, to pay his and his siblings school fees, for his parent’s medicines, to support LIFE.

Spread Happiness Always....

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