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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Adhithya Sakthivel

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Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Inspirational Children Stories Romance Drama Children

Ambition: Dreams Of Youngsters

Ambition: Dreams Of Youngsters

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There are dreams and ambitions for every human being who lives on this earth. But, how far they succeeds in their wish? Do they get what they desired? Here comes the journey of my friend, Akhil and his life with his family. Let's know how his life is full of obstacles following his birth to his academic life.

Akhil is born into a rich family to his father, Linga and mother, Sonakshi who are settled in Erode with their business empire in a joint family. When Akhil was three years, an accidental injection for him made him mute and further, his psychological process got imbalanced after being, diagnosed with ADHD.

Akhil is cured by his mother in day and night for three years, who never met her family members, until the cure of his son. Later, Akhil returns to normal and is highly respective to his parents, since they were supporting him at every point and he meant them as his world and inspiration.

Akhil does whatever his parents wished and never stands up against them without analyzing whether they are saying right or wrong, which becomes a negative weak point for Akhil.

Due to an unavoidable situation of Akhil's family and following the paralysis of Akhil's grandfather(Linga's father), Akhil is forced and enrolled into an ICSE school near Pollachi, shifting him from Erode district. Because Akhil's father cannot leave his business empire and come just for the sake of his father's medical expenses. Initially, Akhil finds it very difficult to communicate English fluently to his schoolmates and is often mocked by them.

However, he takes spirit and develops his communication skills with the help of his grandmother and grandfather, who learned his inability and they helped him in it. Akhil feels happier and enjoyable to stay with the family of his grandfather and taking care of his farming lands…

Later, Akhil goes to Erode district with his grandmother, and she leaves from the place to take care of Akhil's grandfather. Linga finds out that Akhil has became stronger in ICSE within some days both Academics and Sports and he decides to make him further stronger, for which he stresses him a lot and forbids him from any happy moments.

Slowly, Akhil feels disturbed psychologically and he starts to expose his hatred for his family over the years. To the only persons, whom Akhil is loving was his grandparents, since they supports his ambition. Akhil's aggression and anger grows against his father, since so many of his friends, who are not toppers in his class, are enjoying going for trips and other places even during the class times.

Akhil feels an inferiority complex that, his parents has just took him for some places of India, while his friend's parents, despite to the places which they wished, they see all the places of India and Akhil is mocked by his class students as a Bookworm, who doesn't know how to enjoy the life furthermore, angering his mind.

Akhil however, doesn't mind these things and hoped that he will somehow enjoy at-least the 10th holidays, which also goes failure and even 12th holidays, stood against his decision and it's his final days of happiness as his family blocked ways for his aim to join Army ill-treating him that, "Will he pluck anything by serving the country?"

Unable to control his emotions and anger, Akhil goes to his cured grandfather, to whom he asks, "Grandfather. Will you don't take it wrong, if I ask you one thing?"

"Tell me, grandson" said his grandfather.

"Why did you allow my father to achieve his dreams and ambitions?" asked Akhil.

"If I haven't allowed his dreams and ambition, then he should have been like me doing farming activities. And also, if I doesn't have allowed to pursue what my son wished then, he would have never forgiven me till now" said his grandfather.

After hearing this, Akhil asks his grandfather, "But, your blood is a polar opposite to you, grandpa. The big mistake that you did, was allowing your son's dream to be pursued. Hence, he is forbidding me to pursue from my dreams"

Hearing this, Akhil's grandfather becomes shocked, since his son is taking a decision, which is told by his friends and never thinks about the decision of his grandson. When he confronts Lingaa about this, he badly hurts him and Akhil's grandfather, feeling hurt, dies on the spot after speaking to Akhil his last words, "Don't give up your dreams, Akhil."

After the final rites of his grandfather, Akhil ditches off his family members and joins in an orphanage trust, from where he starts to study harder and achieve his desires.

In the two years of his journey, with several hurdles and challenges following in the path of his life, Akhil achieves his dreams and succeeds in his ambition. After this, Akhil's father realizes his mistakes and also apologizes to his mother, since he was the cause for his father's death, who raised him from childhood and fulfilled his dreams by supporting him at every point. But, Lingaa, as a father, has never supported Akhil at any time, and has insulted him at every point of occasion. Akhil meets his father and family finally and reconciles with them.

Not only in the life of my friend's, but in every person's life, their parents should be the motivator. But, in today's generation, father's stress their views and ambitions to their children and makes them disturbed, which not only affects them but, indeed the whole family. My final wish is that, every parents should support the dreams of their children and should hear their decision clearly in-spite of their wishes. Please support the dreams of youngsters. 

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