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???: Please officer don't do this to me I didn't do anything wrong!!! Brother tells him the truth!!! I promise to please (Breathing Heavily)

Officer: Is that true Mr. ??? Stanford?

???: No officer. I saw him killed our parents! 

???: W-what no officer he's lying! Please just let me explain!

???: Officer I'm not lying I saw him standing beside them holding a knife

???: You fucking bastard! Why are you lying!!!

Officer: That's enough we'll be investigating the house so get in the car now.

1 week later

Judge: Mr. Axel Stanford will be sentenced 10 years in prison for killing Mr. and Mrs. Stanford

Axel: NOOOO! Nigel tell them the truth please I'm begging you

Officer: come on now sir 

Nigel: goodbye brother (smirking)


Axel PoV

It's already been 10 years since I last saw that fucking bastard... I wonder if he changed, is he doing okay while I'm suffering here in prison. He didn't even visit me here. He completely ruined my future. Tomorrow will be my release, I don't have any home, maybe I'll try contacting my friend Tom Harrison. Oh god, I forgot I don't have a phone damnit, I guess I'll buy a new one...

Officer: Hey Axel pack your things... Later 4 am will be your release.

Axel: okay

Officer: meet me in my room 

Axel: got it, sir.

That officer is Harold Gray he's the one who arrested me on that night and he's also the one who took care of me here in prison... I guess we're friends now, he witnessed all my efforts here just to prove my innocence he's like my second father... It's already 1:30 am and I'm still awake thinking about what will I do after getting out here. I lay on the bed and my eyes started to feel heavy so I closed my eyes...

I woke up in the sound of the grills opening...

Harold: Axel change your clothes it's already 4 am 

Axel: but where will you drop me Mr. Harold 

Harold: I booked a hotel room for you you can stay there for three days until you find a house or apartment, don't worry I already paid for it (slight grin)

Axel: thank you very much, Mr. Harold, I owe you a lot.

Harold: no problem, and congratulations you've become a better man

Axel: (chuckles) thanks 

Harold: so I'll be waiting at the main gate.

I dressed myself up and get my bag. I walked out of my cell and go to the main gate...

Axel: Hey Mr. Harold I'm ready!

Harold: so let's go

Axel: yeah let's go I'm finally out. WOOHOO!!!

Harold: hey hey kid keep it down its 4 am there are some inmates still sleeping.

Axel: oh yeah I forgot

Harold: so what's your plan after getting out???

Axel: I really don't know HAHAHA

Harold: so let's go?! 

Axel: let's go!

I got in the car and Mr. Harold started driving... (20 minutes later) while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green I saw a billboard and I don't know if that's my twin brother Nigel or it's just my imagination... The traffic lights turned green and then we drove... After 10 minutes we arrived at the hotel where Mr. Harold booked me...

Harold: so Axel I guess this is it you're finally free. Take care okay don't do anything bad I'm sure you don't wanna be in prison again.

Axel: thank you for everything Mr. Harold I promise I'll be a good boy (giggles)

Harold: goodbye Axel

Axel: goodbye...


Narrator: As Mr. Harold drove away Axel entered the hotel and asked the receptionist "Mr. Axel Stanford room please" "room 205 sir". He rides the elevator and waited...

(Ting) the elevator stopped. He looked on the wall for some signs "2nd floor" he got out on the elevator and start looking for room 205, while he's searching he heard someone having a conversation in the hallway... (2 men chattering)

???: I told you to do it carefully so no-one else will see it and then you failed to do it!!!

???: I'm really sorry. I didn't know that someone will pass by on that alley 

???: sorry won't work you stupid jerk! What if he or she reported it on the authority you know what will happen we'll be in jail! Meet me at the same alley later 12:30 am okay (arrogant tone)

???: Please I'm begging you don't do this to me I have a family! PLEASE!!! (Crying out loud)

???: This won't happen if you did your job well! This is your punishment!...

  The poor man grabbed his boss's hands and beg. His boss shouted, "get your filthy hands off of me!" And then he walked away. Axel saw the man walking towards his way so he quickly hides on the nearest bathroom, the man passed by him... He saw a half of the man's face and it looked familiar. After the man got on the elevator he started walking towards the man beside his room...

(Man crying) he saw the poor man crying beside his room door so he asked if he's okay...

Axel: Hey are you alright? (Worried tone) 

???: Don't talk to me I don't want someone to be involved (sobbing)

Axel: no it's okay, come let's talk inside my room.

Axel grabbed the man's hand and dragged him inside the room.

(Man continuously crying)

Axel: so what happened to you? And what's your name?

???: I- I'm Jacob Miller

Axel: can you tell me what happened earlier with the man you're talking to?

Jacob: even I tell you what happened you can't be able to help me out.

Axel: uh I'll try my best to help you just tell me what happened

(Jacob looked at Axel)

Jacob: but if you help me you'll get involved (worried tone)

Axel: no I'll make sure that I don't get involved with it

Jacob: okay... Just please don't be scared or angry if I tell you what happened

Axel: okay okay go on

Jacob: I-i killed someone 

Axel: holy shit why?! Oh sorry sorry go on I'm not mad

Jacob: I didn't do it on purpose someone told me to!

Axel: who?!

Jacob: it's my boss... When I killed the person I didn't know that someone will pass by on that alley cause it's very dark in there 

Axel: but how did you get involved in that situation?

Jacob: my 18-year-old daughter Alaia Miller needs money for her college tuition fee and we're not that rich to afford it that's why I applied for every job that I can do but sadly I didn't get accepted each of those jobs

Axel: but why with those people?!

Jacob: I didn't choose them they chose me and then I agreed because they promised that they will provide all of my daughter's needs

Axel: can't you find another job?

Jacob: no, I didn't finish college that's why I can't find a better job

Axel: so I heard your conversation with your boss earlier and got a plan...

(Axel explained the plan)

Jacob: do you think it will work?

Axel: it will just trust me better hurry up go home and prepare yourself and explain all of it to your family.

Jacob got out of the room and quickly run to the elevator...

(Ting) the elevator stopped at the lobby. He saw his boss and acted scared. He passed by him and exited the hotel...

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