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Aanchal Jhamb

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

ABC Of Lífe

ABC Of Lífe

2 mins

A new life awaits the dreamer you.

Be the fearless one to create an impact under the blue.

Courage is all you need to take that one step forward.

Do not let the outside world affect and ruin you.

Empathize but never give in to the emotions as they can make you alot weak.

Fulfill your dreams coz you have it in you to be on the winning streak.

God tests your patience only to be sure enough that the determination to achieve your dreams is not bleak.

Have faith in His plans and trust yourself.

It never happens in one day; step by step things get at their best.

Just hang in when the things aren't going your way; believe God shall handle the rest!

Kindness is one trait you should never let go of. Do good, be good to let the goodness return to you!

Let Karma settle it all, once and for you.

Making a plan and implementing it truly is what is required of you.

No one will do it for you if you can not.

Opportunities may knock your door twice but it can be created too if it is firmly sought.

Patience and perseverance are the two Ps that can impact your life a lot.

Quitting should be one thought that never enters your brain.

Rise and shine for there is always a bright sunny day after the rain.

Success doesn't come easy.

The steps are to be chosen wisely and timely and the energy should not drain.

Uniqueness is one thing we are all blessed with.

Vivaciousness should never leave you for that keeps you high and positive.

Win it like a war well fought for life is only once and defeat is not something you are required to compromise with.

X-Factor is what you need to develop to strengthen you to reach the goal. You have it in you to shine and hit the ball.

Zenith is what you can achieve, just by your efforts and belief, stand tall.!

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