Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!
Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!

Avanthika Ann Mathews

Drama Thriller


Avanthika Ann Mathews

Drama Thriller

A Visit To My Sister's Grave

A Visit To My Sister's Grave

3 mins

I'm walking to my sister's grave as someone destined to be left behind. I am not brave enough to have a closer look, because her charming smile keeps blenching to my mind. How come she died at such a young age? It is unfair for a girl whose number of dreams was greater than the number of days she lived. She was kind of a poetic person who even had specific plans about her grave. I hated such talks, even though I was clueless about her untimely demise. As she wished, she is buried inside her garden, surrounded by the flowers she treasured the most. What is the point of having flowers when you can't feel the fragrance? I could never understand her. Whenever she tried to express her purpose in life, I felt she was a little crazy. In other words, I was worried about her higher maturity level when she was just in her early twenties. Now, I'm yearning to hear her weird talks once again.. It has been just a month since we watered this garden together. Even though she is the one who died, I'm the wandering soul here. 

 I appreciate her Romeo for understanding all of her goals within that short time. They were together for only five years. I still remember that long night when she explained his confession scene repeatedly. I couldn't sleep a wink because of her cheesy dialogues then. I had doubts about her consistency in a relationship, but they proved me wrong. He deserved to live with her longer. 

She always talked about a library in her name in a forest area. She believed, reading with a touch of breeze could help the reader to involve well with characters. Her love has fulfilled her dream, even if it is too late. I feel happy to see a library in her name. It puts some soil on the gap she left in me. After entering this library hall, the picture hung on the wall received my attention. I always liked plain style like hanging a single photo on a clean wall...

But, what's wrong with that picture? Why does she look so much like me? 

If it is me, what about my current existence? 

I'm not able to control my heart beats now. 

Am I losing the equilibrium of my body and mind? 

As I'm falling, someone grabbed my hand before I touch the ground. He hugged me affectionately, warming my confused mind. I released myself from his hands and asked: 

"Who are you? 

A man who consoles depressed girls? "

He answered me with a chuckle, 

"I appreciate your confidence level in the late seventies."

Attending his ringing mobile, he said, 

"You mentioned a missing Alzheimer's patient, right? I think I found her... "

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