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A Video Made Me A Better Person #NEWYOU

A Video Made Me A Better Person #NEWYOU

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Every day was the same day. Get up at 5 am, catch a local train, reach college, study, return back and sleep. The loop started again the next day. First, let me provide you with a backdrop of my life. Growing up in a big city, Mumbai, I was never a social person. I still hate the crowd, strangers and the hustle. I am an admirer of solitude. Solitude brings me peace. Solitude is like an electric socket to which when attached I get completely charged. It rejuvenates me.

Originally, I would think of this feeling as an impediment to success but I was wrong. Something serendipitously changed my views on success and life. #NEWYOU

Everything in my life was the same until…

"India begins 21 days lockdown as the number of coronavirus cases crosses 600"

-25th March 2020

( The Hindu Desk)

After 25th March everything was still. Nothing moved. Cars didn't honk. The ceaselessly moving local trains remained motionless. The only noise perceived was that of the birds chirping merrily in the void world. The wind howled freely without any interruptions from pollution. Everything was dead silent.

Initially, I was downhearted and vexed with the situation. The mixed feelings continued for a month. In April, I saw something that changed my views of life. Suddenly all my insecurities about the future vanished and I landed in a tranquil state. #NEWYOU

That something is nothing but just a simple and small video from a youtube channel, Isabell Paige, named "Finding happiness in a lonely world."

Isabel Paige is a YouTuber and a yoga teacher. She has been living in the woods for quite a while. She gave up all her materialistic possessions and entered into the real tranquil world, the world that rejuvenates her and helps her to achieve tranquillity.

I've been an ardent follower of her channel since then. She has unknowingly taught me some valuable life lessons that I would have never grasped.

I remember growing up I was always told to study to earn money. Society tells us that one must "learn to earn". By hearing these suppositions we indirectly connect success with money. Then, unfortunately the main aim of our life becomes earning more and more money. Instead of aiming towards happiness, we aim towards earning materialistic things.

According to Bhagwat Gita, we seize to find happiness in the materialistic world. We buy and accumulate things that we think might make us content but that content is just for a fraction of time. We desire more and more materialistic things and gradually get addicted to it unknowingly. Thus, the thirst for happiness never fulfils.

Therefore, it is okay or rather smart to earn enough and be happy. In this hustle-bustle city we have evolved to find happiness in parties, smoking, alcohol and what-not. We fail to appreciate what God has provided us. We have mother nature to nurture and entertain us. We must devote at least a fraction of our lifetime to her. 

I being an introvert is always in search of solitude. People like me are alone but they never feel lonely. Think about it. There is a huge difference between the two words.

 Isabel has truly opened my eyes and has even imparted to me the power to have a different outlook towards life. I who used to think money is everything is now a completely opposite person. I am a better person now. #NEWYOU

After watching a lot of her videos I have now decided that as soon as I complete my education I'll save some money and will move out into the woods which might have a college or a school nearby where I could teach for a living.

 Six months ago I would have never thought of this idea. But this seems to be the best for me. I would be happy away from the crowd and the social interpretations, living my small but content and unbothered life in solitude.

In this way by making some videos appreciating nature, Isabel Paige has proved to be the turning point of my life. She has shown me that part of my life that I would have never seen. Thanks to her. She has inspired me the most. Even though we have never met I can surely say that she is the most influential person in my life. #NEWYOU

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