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In middle east England, there was a small and beautiful town near the countryside named as Laton. The people of that town were very peaceful, educated and gentle. There were some small shops and a Café. There was also a park for children to play and the old ones to hang out over there. There was a higher secondary school for children to study properly.

There was a middle-class family called jamons family. There was a total of six members in the family which includes Mr. Johnson, his wife, his mother, and father and his two children. They were a happy family.

One day a massive fire caught on their house and everything was destroyed. They were homeless now but the government helped them and provided a small shelter which was not enough for 6 members to live. The eldest son of Mr. Jamon, Peter was a bright student and his sister Petty as well but the home was so small that it was now difficult for them to study properly and they couldn't afford a new house as well which made them quite deprived of the necessities that they really need. However, as the people were very gentle so they always helped them to uplift themselves. The classmates of Peter Jamon provided him with books and other notes, neighbors gave them clothes and some groceries. Jamons's family was very great full to everyone.

Days passed by and the situation became harshest, they became very poor and helpless families. The situation became so harsh that it was very difficult for them to have two times meal. It all happened because Mr. Jamon became jobless due to some fault in his company but Peter never left studies and continued to work hard.

After some days his father luckily got the job of a waiter in the café but the salary was not enough to satisfy everyone's needs in the family.

One day while playing in the school playground, peter found a unique dark stone. He brought that stone at home and talk about it with his father. His father showed that stone to the café manager and then the café manager called the media. After some days the news revealed that the stone was really a precious gemstone which is very rare. After that, Jamons's family became very famous over there and they got a very high amount which made them a millionaire. Now they were a happy and successful family as Mr. Jamon started his own company which was running in progress.

After all, the success of Mr. Jamons's family is a miracle but they know the value of that success because there was a time when they struggled a lot but never gave up.

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