Zenobia Merchant

Drama Horror


Zenobia Merchant

Drama Horror

A Smelly Affair

A Smelly Affair

2 mins

The house was situated at the end of the lane and behind it was a clear view of the mountains. It was twilight and under the glow of the moon and hardly any streetlights, from afar it looked like a house on a haunted hill.The vicinity was said to have experienced some paranormal activities. Those who tried reporting it mysteriously disappeared or took back their statements. Over the years, there were hardly any occupants on the street and most of the houses bore a ghost like deserted look.


Tanisha, fresh out of college needed a place to rent for her internship. The advertisement was like a blessing in disguise. She couldn’t believe her luck when the landlady Mrs. Sengupta showed her the room in the attic. It was just perfect for her, small and cozy. Besides the rent she was asking was like peanuts. An absolute win win situation for her, except for the deserted spooky locality and the nauseatingly foul stench emancipating from the attic. 

“Don’t worry dear, it’s moist and murky due to not being in use. I am now all alone after Mr. Sengupta passed away and hardly visit up here. This was his favourite room and I can’t bear to be here alone, that’s why I decided to rent it out.” smilingly assured Mrs. Sengupta, putting me at ease.

“Alright ma’am. I’ll take it”, Tanisha smiled cheerfully.

The attic could surely use a room freshener and some adornment. I am going to make this my home for the next 6 months.

Mrs. Sengupta was ecstatic, that girl Tanisha had agreed to rent the room. The same room that was labeled haunted by the people on the street. Patience was definitely a virtue and hers had paid off quite well over the years. She looked at her husband’s photo on the wall and shared a smile with him that spoke volumes.

Another full moon approaching, another brunette to complete the rituals. Mr. Sengupta, who was carefully preserved in the freezer in the attic, would finally come to life again. Each girl had a purpose to fulfill and so they did.

Each sacrifice brought Mr. Sengupta closer to life.

They would finally be together again!

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