Iris Rain

Drama Romance Fantasy


Iris Rain

Drama Romance Fantasy

A Place In The Palace

A Place In The Palace

3 mins

A young maiden named Catalina Carisa is a girl that has to find her way in the world. She has been going around and around in circle's just like a carousal from job to job and never finding the right job for her. She was working as a servant at the empress tower but she messed up on the job as the job wasn't for her.


One morning she was on her way to the job site the mad hatter had caught up with her. 'Catalina' he shouted after her. Catalina ran but the mad hatter had caught up with her and took her to a castle for tea. Later she is assigned to see the queen of hearts. The queen of hearts is giving her work to do. She must start attending the crown palace for the next 3 weeks to do a written essay about customer service and the shopping environment. 


The queen made Catalina sit up and work in a giant pink chair and to get down from the chair she had to climb down the ladder. Catalina was working hard to research and complete her essay but the queen had taken her and the hatter hostage and refused to let them go for the night. The next day a fight broke out between the queen's servant's and the mad hatter was tied up in rope. Catalina got a knife to cut the rope and set the hatter free. Catalina and the hatter walked away together.


The mad hatter led Catalina to a palace he put the kettle on for another cup of tea. The Empress guards had come to take Catalina to a cell for rebellious behaviour. The hatter was left to drink his tea as he already had a job. The hatter's job was to make hat's for people. The hatter looked on with a cup of tea in his hand. 'By Catalina' the Mad hatter responded. 'Bye hatter' replied Catalina. 


Catalina was taken to a cell for the night and was being watched by a large fire-breathing dragon. The dragon was watching Catalina and breathing fire from his snout. 


 The palace had singers and different types of dancers performing. Also piano music could be heard. There was a handsome young Prince named Marek B King he was a singer and dancer and often performed at his palace. Prince Marek was a well-known stage singer and performer. Prince Marek went down to the cell to visit Catalina. 'Prince Marek here' Prince Marek folded his arms smiling 'Well Catalina' 'What are we going to do with you?' 'We can't keep you locked up in the cell forever' 


'I can't go back to being a servant' 'It's not for me' Catalina replied. 'I don't like cleaning either' 'Maybe I'll make bead and pearl jewellery and sell it' 'You know people love jewellery' 


'Yes' replied Prince Marek. 'I'll let you out of the cell' 'I am a singer on stage and I don't feel I can do anything else' We have a event on stage will you get up and sing' 'I will do' Catalina replied.


Catalina walked to the thrown danced to the music and sang a rock song. The crowd got going and danced and sang along. Prince Marek's father The Emperor was impressed and offered Catalina a record deal. Catalina was ecstatic and accepted. Prince Marek was taken with Catalina and asked her would she become his princess. Catalina thought about it and accepted Prince Marek to be her Prince.


Catalina was now married to Prince Marek and now know as Princess Catalina B King. She also had her own record label and jewellery line. Prince Marek and Princess Catalina would write songs together and perform regularly as solo music artist and produce records.


Prince Marek and Princess Catalina are now married and living in the palace together and looking after the fire-breathing Dragons in the dungeon's.

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