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A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

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He lived a busy life in the city. But he was never truly happy and he knew something was missing.

One night he walked up the hill overlooking his city. The thousands of lights couldn't brighten his mood...

He was quiet wondering I am successful, I have everything to live a lavish life, expensive wines, mansion, Ferrari, his horse then why I walked so much and sitting alone? He closed his eyes with a sigh..

Wake up! wake up monsieur! it was Harry who lives on that hill with his wife Nicole and four-year-old daughter moon, Harry patted again. He opened his eyes with surprise, sun rising in front of him, Ah! I slept last night on that hill, he looked harry who is still standing next to him. harry asked him politely "Are you alright ?" He said Yes Yes, I am fine, thank you so much. May I know what is the time right now as I left my phone in my car downside the hill.

Harry smiled and said its 6 a.m., do you need any help?

He looked at him, he was not wearing any watch or carrying any phone then how he was so assured about time, he was puzzled,

Harry answered without fading his smile, Sir I live here, this entire hill is taking care of me as a father and earth is like my mother who feeds me, cares for my needs. they both teach me a lesson of life, without modern amenities. I am the happiest man in this world.

Now he is in a dilemma how come a person be so happy when he has nothing?

Harry invited him to his house, which was not so far... he accepted his invitation with curiosity and they both walk towards the north side, in the meanwhile Harry introduced himself and told him that he lived here for 10 years. Now he told me that he is William owner of the finest brand showroom. Harry was normal when he heard that, he was not mesmerized with William's wealth coz he does not have that feeling of jealousy.

After minutes walk they both reached to harry's house. it was not big and lavish as his mansion however it looks beautiful surrounded by flowers and few fruits trees as well. On another side of the house sound of the waterfall is welcoming with soothing music.

Harry knocked on the door, Nicole opened it and looked at us with a beautiful smile. She welcomed us into the house. William looked at her, she is damn beautiful like an angel staying on earth. Harry gestured William to sit on that chair which was actually finely cut the trunk of a tree. Their house was very clean and simple. they do not have any modern furniture except a few utensils to cook and a few clothes to wear which he bought once in a while as per necessity.

Harry's daughter Moon came into the room with Nicole. Moon looked at me, smiled and sat on her dad's lap. Nicole offered me some fruits from her own garden and insisted on William not to leave without having lunch with them. William tried to say no but Harry insisted again as he read some questions in William's puzzled eyes.

William had an apple which is way more delicious than his regular black coffee in everyday morning.

Harry called Nicole and told her to sit with them, Nicole sat on the ground with Moon so she can make her eat some fruit simultaneously. In brief, Harry told Nicole about William, who he is and how they met. Nicole too was very polite like harry and they both keep a smile on their faces.

Suddenly Harry shoots out a question to William, Why are you not happy when you have everything u wanted in your life?

William got shocked by this question of how someone else can read his Mind.

William Looked at Harry and said, nothing like that it just I was tired last night and dozed off on the hill. Harry and Nicole looked at each other and smiled and asked William you are happy that's why you drove 40km from your city and track in the evening for 11km on the hill, just to see your shining city that too all alone?

William realized he can hide this truth with people around him but not with hHrry and Nicole. William paused for a while and said yes Harry you are right. I have everything but I am not happy, Why that I really don't know.

This time Nicole said, William Answer is in you only, it's just you do not want to listen to your own heart, your mind is your boss, your body is just a slave of your boss. Please resign this job and listen to your heart, do what your heart says, Go where your heart lives, I promise you will never regret if you follow your heart.

William was listening every bit like a child in the classroom, he was not protesting because he knows Nicole is saying something for his good, for his happiness.

Nicole left for the kitchen and then Harry continued, William no one is perfect in this world, it's you who has to make your world beautiful not only for you, for them who live for you.

Nicole entered with some cornmeal bread and veg stew, they all had lunch peacefully. Harry's daughter Moon is now more comfortable with William, she is sitting on his lap while having lunch. William somewhere in his heart feeling good with Harry's family, he was smiling, laughing with them, after lunch Moon held his hand to play with her, William mesmerized with her tiny fingers and went with her to play, William is now a new person, not the one who came on that hill last night.

Moon was tired playing for an hour and slept on William's arm. Nicole quietly took her from him and make her sleep on the bed.

Now William too realizes its too late, he spent his entire day with them and didn't feel sad for a second. William gratitude both of them and invited them to stay with him whenever they want to. Harry and Nicole accepted his proposal graciously.

William asked Harry to help him to reach that point where they met so that he will go downside the hill. Harry happily held his hand so that he will not fall on that rough route. William changed completely, he is relaxed, happy, and peaceful. he knows what he will do next. Harry accompanied him where William parked his car, William hugged harry and thank you. Harry smiled and whispered in his ear. William, still you don't recognize me, William is now more surprised. harry said I am YOU...William whom you left to become rich and successful....

Go and live your life with the one whom you left behind.. they are still waiting for you...William never leave me again,

Harry smiled and vanished like an air... leaving William mesmerized again.....

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