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Lost And Hide

Lost And Hide

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Untold secret behind that curve,

Freezing navel, melting my nerve.

Unfolded truth lies behind,

Lips left unopened when need to be

Bold and unwind...

Lusty won again, against love


Secret left as secret under that red lips isle.

Which locked with a finger full of lust and more....

Love is melting on that shore for sure ..

Drowned last night ...to sail that side..

She kept that smile to tell that with pride.

Noone can find ..

What she hides.

Shh.. that finger .. those lips

Ahh! What left beside.

Truth never revealed

Dare lost every deal..

Eyes, lips, she too will make you mesmerised...

Let me know, if you find, what she hides inside....

With such pride.

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