pramila jeyakumaran

Drama Romance


pramila jeyakumaran

Drama Romance

A New Dawn With Her

A New Dawn With Her

8 mins

There’s only darkness surrounded; not a brink of light to be seen even from a tiny firefly; the rhythm of screeching insects was disturbed by the sound of rustling leaves; twigs and small branches are being broken by something or somebody. And the panting breath sound gets increased.

“She must be somewhere here nearby,” he said. “If we let her walk away now, we are doomed forever” he took his wrench from the back of his trouser, “now Tim, drop that damn Bacardi Rum and find her this instant” he yelled like Lucifer the devil.

She was just a few meters away from the main road, but nor a vehicle neither supports and how is she supposed to escape these evil creatures by without getting caught. She kept running towards the road, and with her hope getting faded away she took that picture from her torn pockets and kissed it even though she couldn’t see the image in the dark.

When she did kiss and took the photo slowly away from her lips, the image in the photo is slightly visible to her and the visibility kept increasing and a loud noise of the honk; before she realized it is a vehicle, the headlights came right in front of her and all she did was held that photo with a stiff grip and closed her eyes. 

And then, Bang! 

She literally feels like her whole body is being paralyzed and finally, the destiny has made its call to her to quit this gruesome world she has been roamed alone for all these 24 years. The vehicle almost did hit her, but the person who drove it manages to turn the car to the edge of the road. 

“Holy shit” he rushed out from the Lincoln Navigator the luxury SUV, everybody would literally die to get one even in their dreams. He leaned over the girl who is lying on the ground to see whether she needs to be hospitalized or is no more. 

“Excuse me, can you hear me” he held her with his hands and noticed that she still breathes? 

She barely opened her eyes when she heard a comforting and virtuous voice. The headlight of the vehicle was so bright that made her vision so dim and blur. 

She can slightly see a figure waving his right hand in front of her while holding her in his left. His aroma was so good like grapefruit or blackcurrant which made her more curious about who the person is really! 

The blurred vision fades gradually, and now, He was so handsome that she holds her breath for an instant, his eyes were so mesmerizing and had the depth of the ocean. The headlights behind him make an illusion of a halo, which made him look like an actual angel to her. 

She was so amazed and,

“You… are you...” she softly murmured trying to get up.

“What?” he asked and leaned even more close to her while lifting her.

“Are you an angel?” she said in a mute voice and quickly her sixth sense brought up the danger she was in, to her conscious mind. 

“I’m being chased,” she added and tried to pull herself up from being laid down.

“An angel?” he said to himself.

In the meantime, in the woods, 

“Hey what is that noise?” asked Tim.

“Cut the crap Tim, let’s check whether it’s her trying to cause a scene there.” 

“Um, chasing? But who is…?” the lad stopped asking when he saw two men were running towards the road from the woods. 

“Ah oh… we’ve got company now, and I think we’re in trouble!” while saying he tried to lift the girl but her right ankle is sprained and bleeding. So, he had to carry her swiftly as well as very gently. 

“Hey you scoundrel, where do you think you are taking her” shouted Tim from a very short distance from the vehicle.

“Save it you moron,” said Klaus and threw his wrench at the young lad who is about to open the vehicle door. But Klaus’s attempt is in vain, it managed only to break the window glass. The young man quickly got in and drove his wheels. 

“Holy crap, who are those fellows? And what... I mean what they want from you. And why are you here at this late hour? And what were you doing here in the middle of the woods?” he just shot the questions like an arrow one after the other.

Millions of thoughts were wrestling inside her as if her brain is going to blow up at any instant. 

She was filled with discomfiting, and she couldn’t utter a word until he broke up that silence again.

“At least I deserve to know some answers. After what happened to my wheels and what I went through back there is all because of you” before he realized it was too impolite and annoying the words just spit out.

When she looked at him, the look in her eyes made him realize how painful was it for her to endure this all and how uncomfortable she was. “Mr…” she dragged.

“Thomas,” he said. 

“I’m so sorry Mr. Thomas, for you had to go through all this because of me.” 

She turned her head towards the glasses and while looking out at the window she said “I wish I could answer you” and leaned towards the glasses. She was so unsettled he could sense it.  

He was quite disappointed with his earlier behaviour, so he just wants to make up for that.

“By the way, I feel so hungry, don't you?” he slowed down the wheels.

She nodded as no. Though her stomach didn’t; it cried for food. She gave a shy smile filled with embarrassment.

He gave a short grin to her reaction, and they had the Twinkies. 

They were cracking jokes and when he saw that she smiled like a kid without having any worries or the thoughts she had earlier when he met her. And suddenly he asked, “At least you could tell me why you asked me whether I was an angel?”. 

“Because, uh...” she groaned and fainted.

He pulled down the wheels and sprinkled some water on her face but it's useless. He had no idea what to do and in distance, he saw a small cottage down the valley. He drove as fast as he could and knocked at the door.

“There’s nothing to worry my boy; she’ll be fine soon, let her rest for a while,” said the old granny after tending her wound. 

“But…” before he could finish saying the old lady added. “She must’ve gone through a lot earlier and as now you’re with her she might hold you more dearly.”

“Mr. Thomas!” she was so surprised to see him sat next to her bed.

“Well, I was about to leave you a message with Mrs. Anderson, but it’s good to see that you’re OK now” when he said that he seemed so to tense. And he looked at his phone simultaneously. She knew something wasn’t the same as earlier.

Mrs. Anderson asked them to come and have supper which she prepared in a short time.

She learned from Mrs. Anderson, that he received a couple of calls from somebody and is being pressured to take the offer of something. 

After he had come out from the washroom, she pleaded and insisted that she needs to make a call to her friend and only if he could drop her on his way to New York.

Once everything is done, they bid farewell from Mrs. Anderson.

They had already passed nearly 5 miles, but he didn’t utter a word.

“This isn’t so like him,” she said to herself and remembered what happened back on Mrs. Anderson's cottage. 

The call he received was from his mother and the voice message delivered last was about him taking over all the companies from his father Alfred Thomas the CEO of Thomas Enterprises one of the leading businessmen in New York City. “OMG! So, no wonder, this is his only son, The Edison Thomas.” she sighed thinking how dumb she was.

“Um-um” she cleared her throat. Of course, there is no response from him.

“He is Klaus. Gerard Klaus.” she said.

“I didn’t ask anything now” Ed Said.

“My aunt came up with his proposal for me, I said Yes because I have none to love me but at least I’m happy that she pitied me.” She looked at him. Now he is listening; she can feel it.

“I miss my mom so badly; she isn’t here even to yell at me. I wish it will be better if I could’ve just gone with her” the poor girls' voice was trembling and he can sense the miserable pain she is in.

The tyres were screeching, and he pulled off the wheels with a red face. Countless emotions were written on his face.

“I don’t want to ask this, but what did that bastard try to do to you?” he asked in furious tone. 

Tears just flew over her face; she tries her best to hold the pain in her. 

“Now will you just tell me or what? There is a huge cut in your thigh Mrs. Anderson showed it to me,” he shouted.

“He… that bastard wanted me only because he needed my moms’ insurance money and when he learned that I wanted to give it to my au…” she weeped like a kid.“.. to my aunt, he was threatening me and tried to sell…” before she could finish saying it, he leaped towards her and wrapped her around arms allowed her to cry to her hearts content and she was embraced by the cozy arms all this time.

After weeping for hours, she leaned on his shoulders as if she got a pillow to ease her worries. 

Ed carefully held her in his hands and adjusted his seats and placed her to rest in ease. And then down fell the photo which she held in her hands. 

“You look just like her,” he said looking at the picture of her late mother and the puppy which she was carrying in it.

His looks moved towards.

While he was looking at her in that dim interior light the peach dress which she wears right now looks even prettier and cute for her. He recalls when he first saw her in that dress in Mrs. Anderson's cottage. 

She was lying on the bed wearing it when Mrs. Anderson placed the medicine on the wound, she bit her lip by couldn’t withstand the pain. Seeing her lips redden at that moment made him hot-blooded. 

As a young lad from a prestigious family, he has met many blondes and chicks who are way better than her in everything, at least that’s what others might say, but why does he feel that even with the absence of cosmetics and luxury garment still, she shines like a shooting star. 

“But, is she the one?” he asked himself. The more he looked at her the more tormented he is with his thoughts. When he leaned towards her to unbuckle her seat-belt, looking merely at her nude plump lip and the long thick eyelashes which were placed in the arc shape of her eyelid made his heart race from head to toe.

“No… Bullshit, are you out of your mind Ed. No way.” he nagged himself compromising that “I don’t even know her name, she is none but someone I met on my way” and his phone rang while he was saying this.

The screen displays as DAD.

Ed couldn’t believe his eyes. He went out of the car and after a couple of minutes he opened the door where the girl is being lied down. He lifted her to his arms and asked “What have you done?” showing the message she has sent to his mom earlier when she borrowed at Mrs. Andersons’ cottage.

“Mom, I am alright here. You and dad mean everything

to me and I love you so much. But I wish to

make certain life decisions on my own

just like you two did. And I never want to oppose

anything you say. I just need your support and love.”

“You love them so much so I…” before she could finish, he pulled her towards him and said,

“No. you’re wrong”.

She gave a confused look.

“It’s not just the two of them, there is someone I hold dearly to my heart. I would dare to yell at her. Even though she accepts the yelling from her loved ones I would always want to shower her with the petals of love which she has always waited for” he embraced her tightly and they shared that gaze; the gaze which she admired when he lifted her from the ground.

When the gazes were communicating, they heard the siren sound nearby them.

“There’s nothing to worry anymore Miss… No Mrs. Edison Thomas, those bastards have been put behind the bars" he said in ease.

"Sam... Mrs. Samantha Edison Thomas has found her angel at last" she whispered in his ears.

Like dew drops fell from above her tears flew over her face; not in sorrow but in rejoice.

“No more tears” he wiped her face “Now you’re mine and always will be” he shared his first kiss with her when a new day is at dawn just as the dawn of their love.

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