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A Mustang's Calling

A Mustang's Calling

8 mins

Somewhere in the west of Arizona. A wild horse herd lives, how they got there and how they are still alive no one really knows. Their leader, a mustang with a light brown body with black knees and white leg stocks with bright blue eyes. His name is Cole, a 4-year-old horse who has kept his herd safe out in Arizona's critical conditions. 


Cole's dad, Bolt was a pure black stallion. He ran the herd for 7 years. Cole was born on January 1999, he was the herd's first mustang. A black stripe went down his back and he got his other colours from his mother. A mare who cares about her herd more than herself. Even though he kept his herd safe, Cole's dad died in August 2001, leaving Cole to protect his herd only at the age of 2. Impossible? Maybe but for Cole, it was his duty to protect his mother and the herd. Before dying, Cole's father, Bolt successfully got his beloved mare pregnant. Cole's brother Mikey, was born black and white. A smaller horse clearly his mother's son. Even though both were males, Cole found his duty to protect his brother and mother first. 


During the dry season, Cole has to take his herd from his natural homeland to 12 miles east to the biggest river way around. It's hot as the sun starts to rise. Knowing it won't rain any time soon, he walks through his herd nuzzling the foals and bumping into the mares softly waking everyone up. He makes his way to his mother and his little brother sleeping on the heated dry ground. Cole ushers them up by nipping at their mane and ears. Cole's little brother Mikey stretches his legs by running in circles around Cole. Cole scrapes his hoof off of the dry ground telling his brother to calm down. Mikey goes to see if his mother has any milk only to be ignored and forced to take to the little grass that is left of the dry cracked heating up ground. Cole starts the journey after making sure all of the mares and their foals are ready to make the long trip to the vast Rivers and large fields of grass. 



Its dawn, the air is cool. Coyotes can be heard howling In the distance. Not a threat to a full-grown horse, but to a foal, it's a major danger. Cole must keep his heard together during the night, they must make no stops.

During the night, Cole notices a small pack of hungry coyotes following a mare and her foal in the back of the herd. The foal has cracked his hoof and is walking painfully letting the smell of blood travel threw the air. Cole knows there is no way he can try to cover up this baby's scent through the air. So he acts hurt, limping and breathing heavily. Cole makes his legs shake and makes them look painful to walk on. The herd knows his plan and sticks close to him. The coyotes back off soon after, losing interest in the fully grown 500-pound mustang.

Cole walks normally and he realizes the sun is coming up over the horizon. Cole rests assured knowing that his herd has made it through the first night of their long journey. Cole takes his herd near a cliff's drop off to rest. He will stay guard as his herd sleeps, Mikey his younger brother tries to get him to play. He runs around Cole stomping his hoofs against the dry dirt below them. Cole snorts at Mikey declining his fun. Mikey runs off admiring defeat and goes to play with one of the newly born foals.

Cole spots a mountain lion. Not wanting to alert the whole herd he calls his mother over with a soft neigh. He scapes the ground in the direction he saw the lion at. She soon spots it too and she and Cole keep watch from both sides of the herd. 



Cole and his mother realized they were being tracked by a mountain lion, dangerous to both the herd and the foals. Cole ushers everyone to get a move on; he nips and bites at their ears. Mainly Mikey's since he wanted to only play not knowing the danger he was in. Cole calls for the herd to come to a stop. He watches and spots the mountain lion afar, following slowly behind waiting for the weak to fall. Cole knows the foal in the back is hurting and is very weak. Underfed and thirsty, the foal limps along his mother's side. Cole stares the large cat down for a good 5 minutes before the cat turns around for now and walks in the other direction clearly intimidated. Cole carries on with his herd through the hot dry salty rocked valley. The sun is up and bright, no clouds, just sunlight and heat. Cole leans down and licks the ground, a salty taste, something a horse enjoys. It makes their mouth water with warm saliva, something needed at this moment. Cole lets his herd rest but they must get back on the trail. 


Cole and his herd make their way along the trail. The clouds above start to form. Big fluffy white clouds with bright blue skies, a cool wind blows against Cole's long mane. A mile from now they will meet the vast waterways of the valley. Cole and his herd have made it far on their own. He knows there are still dangers at the valley but for now, they rest once more.

Morning time - the air is warm as rain falls down on the herd a sign of peace and hope. The horses make their way up to the valley of life, some call it. The clear light blue waters, the bright green untouched grass with the light rain and sunlight. It makes peace with the herd, flowers bloomed to catch some water for the start of their day before getting energy from the hot sun later. A cool warm wind blows as little deer-like creatures make their way down a cliffside to come drink of the valley's waters.

The herd lays down to rest as the foals run and play in the fields of green grass. Mikey offers to play with Cole. Cole runs away from him accepting his play. Later, the herd has drunk and eaten from the great valley. Foals drink from their mothers. And Cole finally lays down to rest, his legs hurt and his beautiful eyes must rest for the next journey ahead.

Cole wakes up to find his herd surrounded in a circle, he gets up and sniffs the air. A scent he knows too well, a baby foal has passed. His hoof got badly infected and his mother stopped producing milk. They all bow their heads in sorrow over the foal, the mother nuzzling her foal. Wishing and hoping for him to wake, from his forever slumber. Cole nuzzles the mare and nuzzles the foal biting its mane softly as if to say goodbye. The rains have moved on their way back to the homeland of the wild horses. Cole and his herd must overcome the long journey again to make it back home.


Cole and his herd travel through the warm air following the rain back home. The foals play and run together as the mares follow behind, some stopping for a quick bite of grass or drinking from a small puddle. Cole and Mikey are in the front leading the herd together, Mikey is calm and alert, watching over the herd is a lot of work. The herd and the brothers come to a stop to rest, they will sleep until nightfall. 

Midnight. Cole wakes his herd and they start their long journey again and keeps everyone together and as one. Mikey is running around the herd taunting the foals getting everyone a little tempered. As the foals run around through the dark, a horse falls to the ground. Cole doesn't realize what has happened but soon comes to a stop when smelling the air. He turns around and makes his way through the herd only to see a figure lying on the dry cold ground. He rushes over to it and nuzzles it only to realize the scent was his mother's.

Cole nuzzles his mom's lifeless body and lays down beside her, Mikey stands and watches his mother on the ground. Cole lays there and he picks up a mountain lion's scent. The same one from before has found them again. He looks at all the foals and Mikey and gets up. He looks at his mother one last time and calls for the herd to move. Cole knows that if this mountain lion is trying to seek out a fully grown horse it must have a pack with it. 

He grieves over his mother but stays strong for his herd. He must bring them home safely, Mikey leans into him and looks down barely able to stand. Cole leans Mikey upright and walks alongside him keeping him from falling. The herd stays close all sad at the unfortunate happenings, not wanting to lose another they all keep the babies in the middle of the herd and the weak near the front. 


Cole and his heard stay close to each other even as they walk through their old homeland's opening fields. Cole takes his spot on top the now grass-covered hill.  Mikey joins him and neighs calling his farewells to his mother. He and Cole take in the world around them. Mikey soon joins the herd near the once large fry hole and now clear water pond.

Cole takes it all in - the air, the sky, the clouds, and the memories of his father and mother together. It's his turn to lead the herd from now on, it's his turn to show them what type of leader he is as it's said. It's a mustang's calling to protect his herd. 

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