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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

A Million Tears

A Million Tears

6 mins 342 6 mins 342

One Sunday Mr. Malhotra was engaged in meeting his office-mates and his wife was busy more than him. She hardly gets some time for her sweet home. Either she is involved with her charity or with decorating herself or with some unexplained activities. So on that particular day she went out for the morning walk and thereafter went to the gymnasium and then to aerobics-class from where she had to go to the supermarket for buying a few daily usable items.

The attendant had already entered into their room and has started playing with the pet. The only child, Anu has returned from the drawing class. Her friends have gone for an outing with their parents. But her plight is somewhat different from others. As she is having same type of days as on throughout the week. She was'nt nervous at all for not seeing her mummy-papa as she is well acquinted with the situation. She completed her cornflakes and then rushed to the washroom for having a change. Suddenly, the phone rang. Anu was hearing the roaring sound of land phone. She was half dressed and almost ran to pick the phone up. When she heard the same voice of her mother and importuning the same topic about questioning for the homework; she behaved in a slightly different manner and silently kept the receiver on the desk.

The attendant completed her work and was about to leave since it was too late to stay with Anu, infact she's staying really overtime. Suddenly her father came in and was talking to the lady about monthly wages and all. But that lady was waiting for her bonus as she has to shop for the festival 'Eid'. While the gentleman was giving the extra then arose the problem. But he couldn't know and neither aware of the condition.  

                                    He finished his breakfast soon and went into his room opening the wardrobe, cupboard, showcases etc etc.... Almost an hour is over. And now its 12'O clock and it’s the time for the woman to return. She took an apple into her hand, gave the first bite to eat and entered into her husband's room first to show the dresses which she had bought for herself. After a while Mr. Malhotra got agitated seeing the cash memo, the amount was in absolute round fig and it was exactly 9700. They continued their topic for a couple of hours and then moved to the next room and discovered the single line on a page taken away from the diary of St. Tulip School, and here is the sentence, " I deplore both of you ". They got panic-stricken, searched every nook n corners of the flat, searched the complex too, informed other families in their building even. But there was no sign of Anu.


They started their action, went to the local police station, explained all the details, the Bangalore police are really very active and reliable. So are carrying on their own actions. At the night they went to the park, playing ground, school, nearby church, toy shop, game parlour, modern cafeteria, Academy of the Hindu Society and also to Anu's private tutor's home. The case is getting bitter and they got perplexed.

Next day, they were eagerly waiting for one response from police but the phone did not ring and same did the door bell too. Another day went on like this and the following day also. There was almost no sign of hope. At the midnight Mrs. Malhotra took a bath and was really feeling fatigued because of struggling for days. She was screaming. Her husband got up from the bed and got ill-tempered soon as she was obligately accusing his wife for her negligence. The lady's voice got almost choked with deep anxiety and loneliness. But she didn't give up. She posted a comment on facebook, asking for help, updated a photo of her child, and sent a request for bringing her daughter back if anybody has seen her Anu, wearing pink frock and yellow socks.

SMS-es are coming frequently but no clear definite result out of it. Mrs. Malhotra shared the photo again and thrown an offer of paying 25000 hard cash if anybody is able to bring her kid back. At the late afternoon, they went to the attendant's house. She was in her home only and was busy in last few days in celebrating "EID MUBARAK"........ They started harrassing the attendant as if she has kidnapped their daughter with her and would be asking for a lump some amt. But the poor lady argued with them and pardoning continuously. But they lost their senses and was constantly complaining in unprofessional words. She was crying, begged at the feet. Mr. Malhotra shot the poor lady apart and told her not to come to their house again even if Anu returns.

                                           A week went like this. The attendant was with one of her cousin, went to the neighbour's home, a slum for collecting the phone no. of a family to get a job of maid servant. There she could hear a voice of a child roaring. The lady asked. A person answerd that a newcomer is in their home probably they adopted the young one from any trust possibly. And she is reluctant to have a glass of milk. The lady ran in bare foot taking sandles in her hand through the narrow lanes of the slum area. After taking several turns she saw Anu, sitting on one's lap with the same pink frock ;got almost dirty with an additional red ribbon. The girl left everybody aside and complained the attendant about the way in which they behaved in last few days. All at a while everybody started hue and cry seeing the lady actually stealing the girl beneath her pallu. Some people threw stones, some started chasing them with a motor cycle, some were using slangs, while some local gundaas were ready with their chaku....... Some scratched her, some took her bag snatched, her cell phone fell on the ground; but she never looked back, just went on running for a mile, crossing high ladders, walls, barren lands full of garbage etc....

                                       And then arose the last sign of hope. After hearing the calling bell they saw the attendant standing outside and again got highly angry for seeing the lady. They started giving abuses again in the same painful tone. But when they saw Anu at the back, they forgot everything and got mesmerized. The mother took her baby in her arms and expressed deep sorow, love, affection and happiness too. But when they realized that the attendant has brought her daughter back she looked at the door soon, went to the main gate in a hurry almost falling through the slippery marble steps. But could not see her anymore. On the next day onwards they appointed a new attendant but Anu did not get her companion, the favorite 'Mustafa Didi' back.....

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