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Divya Surbhi

Romance Drama


Divya Surbhi

Romance Drama

A Love Story

A Love Story

7 mins 282 7 mins 282

Ravi was looking outside the window, his eyes were red brimming with tears. Their seven years of relationship has come to an end today. It was since last one year he and Radhika were having frequent arguments. Things were growing worse between them day by day. And finally today it was their last fight when Radhika said she could no more be with him. She could not continue with that person who is not able to give her any time or couldn't spend some time with her even on weekends.

According to Radhika, he has turned into an introvert and boring person who does not like to dance in parties or enjoy watching movies with her and keeps himself devoid of all the fun in life. The only thing which he liked was reading books in his room and having a small conversation on current affairs while strolling in the park. Apart from these few minutes, he could not give more time to Radhika as it would be injustice with his dream of becoming an IAS officer. 

Radhika is a jolly girl with beautiful eyes and wheatish complexion. She has been always an active student throughout her college life. Although Ravi was a guy who would hardly talk to anyone and sat quietly on the second last bench at the corner; But Radhika was always dragged by his serenity and his sharp features charmed her. Ravi was among the toppers of the class but never participated in any of the events of the college. So he was a pet named as Masterji by the class.

Radhika, though was an all-rounder girl and was very popular among the faculties as well as students of the college, But was an average scorer in academics. So Ravi's excellent academic record impressed her. But this was not only the reason for her crush on him. His lovely smile and in-depth knowledge of everything enchanted her. She always thought of talking to him but never got a chance. One day somehow she managed to get in conversation with Ravi asking for help in solving a question on Kirchhoff's theorem. It was their first interaction.

After this, it became a routine that Radhika would go to Ravi with doubt and they both would talk for several minutes. They talked about the latest news, they even had a debate on existing social issues like reservation system, politics, rituals and so on. Slowly even Radhika doesn't know when she fell for Ravi. The four years of college were their golden time. Ravi helped Radhika with all subjects and through Radhika, he learned to open up with people, he got many friends and he even started coordinating some events of college with Radhika. Both together were popular as Ravika. Ravi proved to be a great gentleman. He took care of Radhika in each and every way possible. From picking up for college in the morning to dropping her at the door of the house, he took her whole responsibility. 

Radhika lying on the bed was still thinking how those four years of college passed like a very short span of time with Ravi. But from then Ravi has changed so much. Now he was no more that Ravi who was ready to do anything for her. His dream of becoming an IAS officer has changed him so much that from last one year he had even started ignoring her calls. And today Radhika ran out of patience when Ravi forgets to wish her on her birthday. It was 5 PM when Ravi called up to Radhika to have a small stroll in the garden.

At that time also he didn't have any clue of what was going on in Radhika's heart. He was completely unaware of the day which used to be very special for him that he planned for it several days before. Radhika was recollecting how Ravi had arranged a big surprise party in Finak, a renown cafe of the city. What a pleasant surprise it was. She was welcomed with the shower of rose petals and the next moment Ravi was on his knee with a box of a beautiful ring-opened in his hand. Ravika's happiness knew no bounds and she happily accepted his proposal. But today he had completely forgotten this day. Radhika's heart was aching. She pulled out that ring from her finger and thrown it on the floor.

She burst out on the phone and cried heavily. Ravi was very shameful and regretting his mistake. Ravi beseeched and said sorry hundreds of time but all in vain. He even said that he would spend the next whole day with her, and the whole day would be planned according to her wish. But it was too late now. Ravika had already made up her mind to break up with him.

Ravi was left helpless. Although since the last two years he has never talked to Radhika more than 15 minutes a day, still he was feeling as if he has lost his soul. Radhika even said that she would get married to someone else and that they would never be together again. These words of her were echoing in his brain. The whole night he was not able to sleep. 

The next morning when Ravi woke up, he saw the clock, it was 11 AM. He was having a severe headache. He was feeling as if his head would burst. He made tea for himself. Sipping the cup of tea when he saw the newspaper, he was alarmed. It was the day on which his mains exam results were going to be declared. That whole day went very restless for both of them.

Ravi was desperately waiting for his results as this time his papers went well. He had confidence that this time he would crack mains. Since the last three years, he has been preparing day and night for civil services. It was his fourth attempt. On the other side, Radhika was daydreaming. Although she was sitting in the office but mentally she was somewhere else. She was thinking that though she had said to Ravi in anger that she would marry someone else. But her heart knows that she couldn't love somebody on this earth as Ravi. 

It was 7 PM, Ravi was sitting on his bed with his laptop open in front of him. Sweat was dripping on his face. He was very nervous. He recollected all his strength and opened the website, The next couple of minutes he searched his name on the list of qualified candidates. But he was nowhere.

Tears rolled out on his cheeks. All his efforts went to hell. He stood up from his bed, his legs were wobbling. Somehow he managed to call Radhika but she didn't pick up. It was obvious. Why would Radhika pick up his phone? He has broken her heart. Suddenly he started feeling as if nothing is left in his life. He is a true loser who has neither been able to succeed in his career nor in his love life. He has wasted three years of his life and got nothing.

For a few minutes, he even thought of giving up his life. He had just started thinking of the ways by which he could commit suicide, then suddenly the ringing phone took his attention. There was Radhika on the other side of the phone crying again. But this time for a different reason. Gourav, one Of Radhika's office colleagues had met with a fatal road accident. This news not only shook her up but also opened her eyes that life is very unpredictable and limited. She sobbed and said that although Ravi has broken her heart but she still loves him very much. She would like to hold his hand each and every moment and can't live without him. Ravi was holding his breath to hear these words and replied that he loves her more than his breath and that he also can't live without her. 

From that day their life changed. They both stopped bothering each other's small mistakes. The next evening they planned a dinner date. Ravi was on his way when suddenly his car's left tyre got punctured. He was tensed as he knew now would be late to pick Radhika. He took out his phone to inform Radhika, but his phone was out of battery. He sighed in dismay, "This time Radhika is not going to forgive me".

Ravi showed up late for the dinner date. In guilt, he explained the whole reason in one go before Radhika could say something. She smiled and took his hand in her hands said  "You don't need to explain anything, my love. I could wait for you my whole life" Ravi too smiled and kissed her forehead. They both had a wonderful date. 

At night lying on his bed Ravi thanked God for saving his life as if the phone wouldn't have rung at the right time on that day, he would have killed himself. And also thanked God for blessing him with such a loving and understanding life partner Radhika. 

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