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Drama Tragedy Children

A Lost Dream

A Lost Dream

5 mins

"He was having a dream. A dream to become big, a dream to be unique in society, a dream to achieve everything in life. But that dream couldn't be completed".

That has been shattered and this makes him broken too. But what can he do? Perhaps Nothing. Today's life and hunger demand money to survive and hence he opted for the path of silence since he did not has the power to fulfill his dreams. Upon his dream, there are number of other dreams too. He has to fulfill those dreams and he has realized those as the ultimate goals of his life to survive.

Friends, it's not a story of a single boy but a story of similar boys who have big dreams, who thought for the same dream. But there are only a few people in this world whose dreams reach to the destination.

Ram, a boy with an innocent heart, took birth in the home of a waste picker. Has he done anything wrong, because of which he took birth in such a home? I can't say but I only know that it's your Karma that gives you fruit in your present birth and whatever you will do in this birth you will get accordingly in your next birth. But, has anyone seen - what he will get on the next birth! It is today's time that will be counted. Who has seen next birth (Though future forecasting is there?

Someone said:-

             Ye raat yuhi bus kat ti rahi

             Ye din bhi yuhi beet te rhe

             Umeed thi anjaam apna rang layega

             Lekin usi ke sahare hum zarra zarra hote rhe

        He was having a dream to become an Engineer ( An Engineer who should be admired by everyone). There was not a single Engineer in his locality and that's why he wanted to make his name. He was having a younger brother named Akshay.

        As there was no education environment around him and Government policies were far behind his village to teach every child of the nation. He always travelled a distance of 10 km to pick the waste. On the road side, he usually saw many school going children, some of them were going along with parents while some of them are traveling via public/private transport.

        After looking at those children every day, Ram started thinking to go to school to become an Engineer from his locality. One day he talked to his parents after picking waste material in the evening. He told them that he wanted to study in a school. All of a sudden, his parents refused his wish, since they were having very little money to spend and it was not easy to feed a family of 4 persons. But after continuous demand for study they finally surrendered. Ram was very happy. Within few days he got admitted to one of the good schools of the city. He started studying there and gradually he left to pick wastes.

         But as he reached High school and with an increase in fees for the school, it was not possible for his parents to pay for the further study of Ram. Moreover, Akshay was also there and his parents were feeding him too. So in all 4 members' families, it was not possible to pay fees for the school.

         On the other hand, Ram's school friends were planning for their future. Someone wanted to become a doctor, someone to be an architect, someone as an actor and the other one as a lawyer. But Ram wanted to be an engineer, who will work over large machines. So he dreamt of engineering.

       As the condition of family got worse, Ram was also pressurized to drop out the school. His heart was thinking to drop the school but his mind was continuously speaking to continue with study with the present condition. Moreover, his father's health was also getting deteriorating day by day. 

I heard for this from somewhere:

             Isi kasshmakash main raha main

            Na beh saka aur na dooba main

            Kabhi socha na tha is manjar ko

            Aaj halaat se haar gaya main

Looking all these things in mind, Ram took a shocking decision. It was not very easy to pick the decision for a dream weaver. He dropped out that school. He returned to his previous work and starting picking wastes on a regular basis. He had nothing in his hand. He lost everything, even his future. He was not having any option apart from leaving the school and starts earning for the family. His heart got broken, no one was there to pull out Ram from this situation. Sometimes he wept all alone, but no one condoles him.


Today Ram is old enough to support his family. He has his brother, Akshay to look after. One day, Akshay too demanded for study in a school. Ram soon realized the incident that happened with him. But he never wanted to spoil Akshay's career. Now his brother's dream became the dream of Ram, his mother has expectations with Ram to run her family. His father is no more. Now every day, Ram picks wastes early in the morning and always tries to pick more to feed his family and to fulfill his brother's dream.


Where is that Ram, who saw a dream one day, a dream to serve society, a dream to serve the nation, where is he???

Who is responsible for Ram's situation - our society who couldn't see the waste picker's situation or our Govt. who is still not able to reach every part of the nation to teach every child or the Almighty who has made his condition worse based on his Karma?

   Na aaghaaz hua aur na anjaam ko paya

   Maine khud ko bhi abhi tak nahi paya

   Poochta raha har raste se apna pta

   Main badnaseeb, manzil tak bhi nahi pahunch paya.

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