A Letter Delivered

A Letter Delivered

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"A letter! It has been 5 days, yet Undelivered." She worried biting her nails.

"What!! Don't say, you sent it by post?" he put his palm on his forehead.

"Yes, I have done. " she made a puppy face.

"You are mad. Total mad. Remember na last time, how we drove to that village just to inquiry about the post; that noon, and the hottest sun." he added.

"But, I love that way," she replied.

"Arre Pagli, you could have given me, and I would have delivered midway. And, you will kill me under today's sun," he looked up in false-anger.

"But, a postman adds more charm. I'm a completely 90s era." she smiled handing over the Scooty keys to him.

"By the way, it will take only one hour to reach there and inquiry about the delivery of post." she mixed.

"Oh God! How crazy! The address is only 15 min away from where we stand now, but we send it by post which takes minimum 5-6 days to reach. My Suman from "Mein Pyar Kiya" keep a KABUTAR and send letters and dance " Kabutarr Jaa Jaa Jaa.. ," he pushed her head a little.

" I'll dance when Aditya will be my PREM," she winked.

"I can't deny you and you know it. I have tied the band of your friendship na. Activa or Aviator? Cover your face with this scarf. The sun is literally burning." Concerned he. 

"Activa." she told.

He started the Scooty, and she sat behind.

"How much you love him yaar! I don't know, what to say. But, I feel jealous sometimes." he said.

"How much I Do, I'm not sure. But Yes, I love Writings to death, and I love him little more than I love Writings. "She smiled. 

"Is he a magician? I mean, you are difficult to be incarcerated by emotions," exclaimed he.

"I don't know whether he knows magic or not. The only thing is that he is difficult to love, but it's the most difficult thing not to love him. " drops of emotions drenched her heart. 

"He gave an answer? " he questioned.

"Answer! To which question?" She backed a question.

"Of your three magical words," he replied.

"Is " I love you " a question to be answered? A simple sentence assembled with S-V-O arrangement. Duffer, I stated only not expecting his reciprocation. " she elucidated.

"Who can win an argument with a lady who is weird full of weirdness. But, your weirdness makes sense. That's the way you are different from the rest. Keep that madness blended with innocence and selflessness alive." he smiled back, she marked through the mirror. 

She nodded biting her tongue.

"Achha listen. I'm going to bring a cold drink. Yours is Sprite ?" he told parking the Scooty road-side of the canal road. 

"Yes. Sprite can," she said.

"Come with me then. Why stand here? " he joined.

"No. I'm here. You go and bring." She denied.

"Okay. Wait for 5 min. I'll be back." he left.

She smiled with herself and her feelings. "Without a relationship even, I'm feeling complete and living my own fairy tale with commitment. No issue. Love happens at an unexpected time in this birth. But, he will be mine in next birth. I'm happy with his refusal too." her mind narrated.

"Ayushi, move........... " Aarav shouted from the back. 

Ayushi turned to see Aarav rushing towards her, and realised, she was almost in the middle of the road. She noticed a truck was coming towards with the fastest speed leaving the shortest distance in between.

She could not react, and the truck belabored her. 

Within no time, a crowd gathered, and Aarav stood there motionless, tearless and voiceless. 

A phone ring made him touched the situation. 

From the other side," Ayushi, I received your letter. Can we meet today evening?"

Aarav felt suffocation hearing Aditya's voice, " Ayushi is no more."

Aditya could not believe what he heard. He looked at the letter kept on his table open, and her last lines,

"I'll keep falling in love with you in every birth I take. Please, come once with the time of life to listen to what my heart speaks. 

Yours Always.

- Ayushi " 

Tears knew no bounds thereafter.

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