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Prachi Dhavle

Drama Romance

A Journey Of Hopes

A Journey Of Hopes

8 mins

"Hello! I want to tell you something", sobbing badly Meera said, "we are into a big problem Raman and we need to end whatever we have between us now". 

"Why? What happened?" He panicked, "Please... Please don't cry tell me what happened". 

"Raman we cannot continue our relationship anymore"

"But..why, what happened Meera", crying silently. 

"My mom got to know about us and she is shattered with this news, also she is crying and warning me that she will tell Dad everything about us".

"But Meera how she got to know about us?". 

"She read my diary and..." Crying....

"What dairy!!?" 

"I am sorry Raman I thought of gifting you a beautiful present and so to make it special I thought of writing about everything about us in it".

What do you mean you wrote each and every detail about us in it?".

"Yes! I wrote about our first meeting to friendship to us being in love".

"Shit! That means your mom read everything!"

Sobbing badly Meera told "yes..., Raman you know what that I love my parents more than anything or anyone else in this world". 

"Yes", he replied with tears in his eyes.

"I can't see them shattered and if dad comes to know all these, he will feel something worse which I can't even imagine". 

"But Meera what about us?"

Meera wiped her tears, paused for a few seconds and replied numbly, "Raman I need a break-up we cannot continue even as friends, we don't have a future ahead Raman...... I won't talk to you from now onwards anymore, now bye just go.." she started crying badly, 

"Okay bye, but remember destiny made us meet accidentally once and one day we gonna meet again, please don't cry, you look good smiling, bye.

He kept the phone call feeling nothing. His world was shattered in that 2 minutes of call, which he never expected to happen.

He knew that Meera is a bold girl and she has always kept her parents above anything else, those days of friendship with her made him understand her more than even she knew herself. 

It was 4 p.m., an evening which left both the love birds numb, unknowing of what will happen next. 

"A cute pink top and dark blue jeans, nerdy face and a studious mind, shy in eyes and scared of boys", he whispered to himself, "A beautiful girl I met in a winter night".

Chain of friends was the means they met each other but being a weird meeting they ended up only with a hello and a handshake that night. Raman went through flashbacks and remembered it all, from the first meeting to the day it ended up all with just a call. 

Murmuring and whispering with dry eyes and blank face, he was lying in his bed late that night, no sleep in eyes but he dreamt of her, counting something on his fingers silently, "3 no 4....months, that's it!! That's how much it lasted, we were so weak". Started crying again.

Each day passed with despair in their life, both went through emptiness in their heart and life. 

Two weeks later, "Meera?", her mom called her out, "yes Mom say". 

"Stop being weird Meera, stay normal, and stop carrying this weirdly blank face every hour of the day daily".

"Mom, I am fine, I did everything as you told me to, but now I cannot hide my pain totally, I am trying, sorry Mom". She went to her room got a corner and started crying silently seeing her phone again and again. She deleted his number the day they broke up, but somehow in her heart, she remembered his number which was hard to forget, as she wished to call him up someday. She whispered to herself sobbing quietly, "If not him then I won't find love ever in my life".

The days ended with hardships and separations.

Exams were near it was the month of November, a month after her break-up. She was numb just like that day when she lost her relation with him.

Her thoughts running in her mind of him coming over her terrace to meet her there for the first time and she remembered her lines as she told him for the very first time, 

"Raman you know what, my parents are the reason I study, I want to be so much Independent in my life that I can take care of my family, and support them financially", she remembered his face while she shared him her thoughts, his facial expressions showed respect towards her and he appreciated her thoughts which made her comfortable all over again with him.

It was mid-night when everyone in her house slept she was struggling yet to study but her thoughts was only moving around Raman. It was then she realized it was not possible for her to study without being able to be in a proper mental state and her dreams would be shattered, she knew her parents deserved something better and not what she was going into, she cannot stay in depression for long as she have to rise and struggle hard for her success alot. 

She was just a seventeen year old girl not knowing what was right and what was wrong. Though being alone and taking decisions was hard, she decided to act mature, she took her phone, installed Facebook messenger in it and saw if there were any messages from Raman. There were messages he left that night they broke up.

As she read the messages her eyes became wet and she broked down in her couch. 

She replied to his texts the moment she read it, crying silently she typed "I am sorry for everything but can you please take care of yourself, you know we were best friends first before being lovers, and I lost a best friend also with my boyfriend. I am not able to take this pain and have got mentally disturbed. I can't even concentrate on my studies also Raman. I know you are also facing the same problems. I am thinking to ask mum about us continuing as friends, will you continue with me as only friends Raman? I'll wait for your reply".

Next morning Raman replied to her texts, happy to see that she replied to his texts which read that "I miss you, and please don't cry much, it's ok! It's just a phase of life, you gonna recover soon, don't ask my condition now please, I am sorry I don't wanna hurt you, but whenever you will see my text please do reply and please don't miss your meals and medicines". 

He finally replied to Meera's text, he replied yes to her condition of only being friends with her.

They were kids and were not much mature, they did not have Instagram which shared such quotes that you can be in a relationship after friendship but not the vice versa. Their knowledge to life and relationship were growing day by day.

It was all new for them. They tried hard to be friends but at the end he told Meera, "I am sorry I can't call you only my friend or see you only as a friend, I love you Meera and I can't ignore my feelings for you". It was that time when the situations got normal, it was Meera's birthday month and Meera made things normal between her mother and Raman, she at last convinced her mother for their friendship. After Raman's confession, Meera made him understand that it's wrong as she had already promised her mom that they'll only be friends and nothing else but it wasn't sooner that she agreed with Raman that she loves him too, and it was hard for both of them to ignore their feelings for each other.

It was again mutual that they entered into a relationship again after so many twists in the last few days.This time again she kept a secret from her mother, she wasn't that happy, but Raman's mother knew everything about Meera and their relationship and had no problem with it so sometimes it was hard for Meera to make Raman understand about the sadness she faced alone and the regret of not talking about her current life situations to her Mother. But keeping this regret of hiding few things, she was also happy, as she felt her life filled with happiness, and they were growing in the best way they could together, though being away. 

They were in a teenage relationship with clear future goals of being together. Their relationship knew no physical connections much till they entered college and met new people and observed the world outside. The people out there were fine with physical connections but Raman and Meera were different they felt their love pure and knew they were happier without any physical relationship. Their relationship was one of the rarest which had this kind of purity in the 21st century of teenage engaging in sexual activities, break-ups, and trust issues.

They knew they had a long way to go and so many hurdles to over throw. Their life have just started and it will go harder day-by-day for them. Their relationship made them grow with each passing day. 

A Journey of Hopes continued with years of being in love. Meera continued to write about her life in terms of quotes and poems and Raman helped her to be perfect in it by suggesting and editing her writing skills.

She dedicated a poem on their relationship which showed how beautiful it was for her to be with him.

Yes, it's been an age together,

Yes, it all started in school days weather,

Yes we met as a stranger,

Not decided but we fell for each other.

But then in the season of monsoon,

With heavy clouds and cool winds

Our eyes met and communicated 

With a different language they conveyed, 

Yes, we were made with fantasies, 

Of dreams and ecstasies,

We didn't dreamt of only happiness

But we decided to continue with all calmness.

Yes it's a long way to go,

Yes, we our still kids no matter our roles

But we know we gonna go 

A thousand miles to reach our goals.

~ Meera.

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