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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Arifa Attari

Drama Romance


Arifa Attari

Drama Romance

A Farewell To Welcome New Life

A Farewell To Welcome New Life

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Rainfall, always sounded magical to her. It laves the sorrow from the heart and at the same time dries up the pain from the eyes.

Nandini, the pluviophile, could never hold herself from enjoying the rain. Whenever there was a rain, she used to take her hand out of the window to feel the cool refreshing drops of it. To her, the rainfall with the blowing wind, is the source that helps in slackening her worries and energising her soul.

But today she couldn't take her hand out to feel this heavenly pleasure, as today her hands were beautifully decorated with henna. The attractive design till elbows were appealing everyone around her. She was wearing a bright yellow saree, in which she was appearing as pious as an enlightened lamp of a temple.

Today, was the Mehendi and Sangeet function and tomorrow would be 'The Wedding Day'. Like every other woman, she was also little nervous. Her mind was engrossed with the mixed feeling of happiness and haziness for her upcoming life.

She was excited for this new ride but didn't want to show off much. And so, only few guests were invited and they all were her well-wishers. She wanted to keep this wedding an inconspicuous affair.

After few rounds of Bhangra dance on Punjabi music, followed by a flavoursome dinner, the guests left for the day.

The enervated wedding functions, made Nandini very tired. But Naina, her biggest support took all the responsibilities. Nandini, never needed any assurance or explanations from Naina, she has trusted her like her heart and soul. Naina was the only one, who knew Nandini inside out. And it was Naina only, who helped her in taking decision regarding marriage and so she could very well be called as her wedding planner.

Naina hugged Nandini and she went to the other room.As soon as Nandini put her head on the pillow, her tired eyes sparkled in anticipation. Tomorrow, with the sunrise, a new day in her life would begin. A new journey would start but this time its Naina who took a prudent decision for her.

She never wanted to get married again or to start her life from scratch. It was one of the most difficult conundrums for her. And why not? She had spent ten years of her life with a man who had never loved or respected her.

Nandini was a well educated woman but fell in love with a man who concealed his true self to her. He was a drunkard and a good for nothing layabout. He had an inferiority complex and the frustration had always resulted in thrashing her. The only good thing that happened to her while being with him was her daughter Naina.

Naina, had seen her struggles and battles with life. At the age of five, she witnessed the helplessness of her mother. She often suggested, "Ma', lets run away from this hell." But Nandini was aware of the cruelty of the world and she never wanted her daughter to confront the severity at this tender age.

Amidst of those trials and tribulations, she brought up Naina well. And after few years, her miseries came to an end, when Naina's father died due to Liver Dysfunction.

A new chapter in their lives was added. No, their hardships didn't come to an end, it kept increasing with each coming day. But Nandini's objective was very clear. She wanted to give an agreeable life to Naina. For Nandini, the only weapon with which you can conquer the world is education. She wanted to give this power to her daughter. And to accomplish this mission, she pulled out all the stops and started working as a Nurse in a Government Hospital and helped Naina in chasing her dreams of becoming a doctor.

Naina has always been a maverick girl with sanguine vision. She was a bright student of medical college, who was very dedicated towards studies and other activities.

During an annual fest in her college, she met Rajeev, who was from different branch of nedical science.

Rajeev was a sincere and decent boy. He belonged to a very modest family. Both Rajeev and Naina started liking each other at first sight. And when they completed their medical studies, they shared their willingness to marry each other, with their families.

With great pleasure and happiness their families approved them for each other. And with exuberant celebrations, their wedding took place. Naina's In Laws were very loving and understanding and they welcomed her as their daughter in their lives.

Naina got well settled in her new life but she was aware of Nandini's lonliness as a woman who had spent many years in tolerating a pugnacious man. Naina was also aware of her strength as a mother, who has handled life's every challenge courageously and given her blood, sweat and tears to make Naina a successful doctor.

She knew, how lonely her mother would be, after her marriage. So she, along with Rajeev, decided to convince her mother for re marriage.

For Nandini, the decision was tough and inhibitions were there. She reluctantly refused this proposal but Rajeev and his parents managed to persuade her for this new beginning. And she eventually agreed to take this big step in her life.

Age and Re Marriage has nothing to do with each other. It's just about pressing a Refresh button and reloading the life with whatever has been missed out. Its about putting yourself back on your priority list and living life again with bliss

Nandini, slept peacefully that night. Next morning, Naina entered her room with a beautiful Red color saree with golden zari border and a small box of Sindoor.

Her marriage turned out to be the celebration of womanhood - how a daughter added colors in her mother's life by giving a damn to the stereotyped notions for a 55 years old widow and setting a great example to the society.

Nandini, finally bid adieu to her distressing past and lived happily ever after with her benevolent man.

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