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Nour Fourti



Nour Fourti


A Cursed Family

A Cursed Family

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" Finally, the day which I have waited for came...And today, I'm gonna present my work, finally, I'll pass this stage to welcome a new fully adventurous, and more dangerous stage in my life. Little by little I started getting closer to my dream. I'll soon be a graduate pathology specialist. It's my graduation day!" said Gloria excitedly that you can see her dimples so clearly on her face. She was proud of the high level she had reached, especially that the living situation at home is imbalanced because of her alcoholic father and his violent behaviors towards them.

"Come on mom, we're gonna be late!" uttered Gloria in a spoiling way as she was a little child asking for something.

"I'm coming honey, I'm almost finished, just a second. I wanna be so beautiful the day of my daughter's graduation!" Answered her mother Scarlett happily wearing her earrings.

"You're always beautiful mother" smiled Gloria; then, she added looking at her father who was sipping a coffee and watching a match" Dad, you're not coming with us?" 

" Why do you need me? You actually like your mother more than me, there is no need for my attendance" said roughly 

" Edward! Why are you just doing that? This is the day of our daughter's happiness, shouldn't we be with her at least this day?" said Scarlett angrily.

" Shut up. No one asked you for your view or asked you to comment. I'll not waste another shot from the match talking to..." 

"Enough of that dad please, enjoy watching. Let's go mom" interrupted Gloria trying to sustain bravery and prevent her tears from falling.


" How long will we continue to witness this injustice?" said Gloria, pain was clear on her voice. 

"It's all my fault since I've miscarried your brother, he has been punishing me, and actually, punishing all of us. I'm sorry."

" It's never your fault mom, this is fate. But, I just don't know why we're still living with him, I'm really fed up and I can't stand this injustice anymore. Let's move and live happily, just you, Becca, and me" 

" Sweetheart, I just don't want you to think about that right now. This is your day, please just be happy, let's forget and enjoy our day...Everything will be okay soon and you will be a pathologist" 

" You're right mom, nothing deserves our worrying or sadness. Thanks for being in my life and always on my side" she said and hugged her mother warmly.

" Oh look, Brian is here!" said Scarlett pointing to a coming handsome guy.

" Hey! How is my Gloria! Are you ready?" 

" Excited but a bit stressed" answered Gloria shyly; then, she approached him and murmured" didn't I tell you to not call me "My Gloria" in front of mom?" 

Brian smiled at her and said" Okay so let's get in the car" 

Quarter an hour later, they arrived. 

The room was dark, illuminated by a large screen, much like the one in the cinema.

There was a girl on the stage, and next to her the professors and the principal. She had already presented her work. She was easily improvising, talking with self-confidence, and without any fear while Gloria was watching her surprisingly.

" Remember, you're almost at the end of your journey, this no gonna triumph over you. You are much better than this girl, you can do it" said Brian holding Gloria's hand trying to give her positive vibes.

" And now, it's Gloria Moser's turn," said one of the juries inviting her to the floor.

" Come on baby, you can do it" encouraged her mother.

She put her computer on the table, connected it to electricity and started clicking but there was the surprise. There was no signal, no connection, no internet. Gloria's face turned red, started sweating, and she felt like she was put in hell. She tried again and again but everything was in vain. 

" Is there any problem Gloria?" said the principal.

"I...I don't know what's wrong with the internet" 

" May I try sir?" asked Brian worryingly 

" Yes, come in" 

Both of them were trying with all efforts but it seems like there was a big problem that needs hours and not minutes.

" Gloria! This is out of the policies. You've already wasted 10 minutes. So, we're sorry to tell you that you will not present your work, and this unfortunately means that you failed." 

The principal's words were like a falling thunderbolt over Gloria's head. Her eyes rapidly were filled with tears, she was looking at her mother, unable to say any words. All her dreams suddenly fell down, all sleepless nights were in vain, after a whole year of preparing, there is no delightful results, no celebration, no party, no pathology. Her father was an expert in computer science, what if he just accepted coming with them, his coming would save her future, after all, what was her fault to be punished besides her mother? All those ideas were overwhelming Gloria's mind; then, she looked at Brian and blacked out. 


Gloria woke up finding herself surrounded by her mother and Brian who were trying hard to hide their sadness in order to comfort her. 

" What did I miss? What happened? What time is it now, did I miss my presentation?" She was asking a series of consecutive questions while Scarlett and Brian were looking at each other worriedly. And suddenly, Gloria started remembering the events that happened before her unconsciousness, swallowed her salvia, buried her head between her pale shaking hands, and started screaming hysterically 

"Why did this happen to me? Why am I doomed to suffer for life? Am I cursed by someone? Did I commit any mistake to be punished? It was only one damn little step between me and my graduation " hiccups were ordering her to stop many times " Mom, please tell me, did I hurt someone?" added pathetically. 

" Honey, this is life, we have to accept it with both good and bad moments," said Scarlett stuttering 

"Mom! Please stop saying that! Have we ever seen any good times? Each laugh is automatically followed by problems, yelling, quarrels and crying. Becca was just six when she saw a psychiatric doctor, and guess why? Because our beloved father who broke her arm when she accidentally dropped his phone. Do you remember that? Do you remember when he slapped you, in front of us, just because you visited your PARENTS without telling him? Do you even call this a life?" said in a dreary dreadful way.

"Gloria, please calm down a bit " said Brian putting his hands on her arms.

"Do not ask me to calm down because I did enough. Would you now give us a ride?"

" Yeah, sure"

        ~ a Few minutes later ~

By her entrance, Gloria's father exclaimed " Gooooal! That's my team!" 

"Congratulations for your team Edward" said Gloria clapping her hands.

"What did you just say?" 

"I said Edward. Are you called something else?" 

"What the hell is wrong with you? Are you drunk? Do you want ME to remind YOU to whom you're talking?" Said staring angrily. 

" Oh please don't say that, don't dare to say that you're a dad" she was laughing out loud "I don't think that this lie befit a person of great worth and importance, an expert in computer science. And please for your information, I'm not drunk, this is Edward's trait, not Gloria's" added smiling

"Gloria, please.." said Scarlett afraid of Edward's abominable looks

" What mom? Why do I have to be afraid Am I saying something wrong? Isn't he the great expert who never keeps his chin down?" said Gloria; then, she looked at her father and continued disgracefully "Damn you, and damn all fathers like you" 

By the end of her last word, Edward slapped her leaving a clear five fingers trace on her white face.

" Of course, we've actually got used to that so I'm not surprised.." said Gloria.

Edward approached her. He stuck her to the wall and put his hand around her neck strangling her and yelling " Who the hell are you? A demon? I am your father! Do you..." but before adding another word, Scarlett hit his head with a bottle causing him to death. 

", what have you done?" asked Gloria breathing fast

"Take care of yourself..and of your sister," said Scarlett tearfully. 

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