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A Child's Questions

A Child's Questions

4 mins

Ronnie was just a little boy who was curious over little things. Seemingly little, but greatly important things. He had tried to ask his parents and teacher about them, but they said he needed not to worry about such things. So, Ronnie wished for God himself to come and answer his questions.

And God did come. At night, when he was trying to find the answers to his questions himself, he never knew when he fell asleep and God appeared in his dream. 

God was exactly as Ronnie had imagined. He was a tall, old fellow with a long white beard, wrapped up in a white piece of cloth, holding a magical staff in his right hand, and a book that contained all the answers to Ronnie's questions in his left hand. 

"Is something troubling you, my child?", asked God.

"Yes, God", said Ronnie. "I have some questions. I tried to ask them to my parents and teacher, but they said I need not bother about such things."

"Of course, you shouldn't be bothering. You should be playing!", and God let out a laugh.

"I know, God. But, I can't help myself. I am just too curious!"

"It's okay, child. Ask me your questions."

And so, Ronnie asked: "God, I can't understand one thing: Why did you put badness in people? I know why you put goodness. You put goodness because... because it's good. But, why anger, greed, envy? Why badness?"

And God said: "Come, child, let us go for a walk." And so, God and Ronnie started walking, and God put a hand on Ronnie's shoulder.

"Son", said God. "If I give you a thorn and a flower, which one will you value?"

"The flower", said Ronnie.

"Why?", asked God.

"Because it is so fragrant, beautiful, and doesn't hurt like a thorn", said Ronnie.

"Now, my child, imagine a world where you don't know about thorns because there are no thorns, only flowers. Would you value the flowers there?", asked God.

Ronnie thought for a moment, and then said:

"God, I think I wouldn't be able to truly value it, because how would I know what softness of a flower is, if I don't know what a thorn is?"

"But, son", said God. "Don't you think that's wrong? Unjust? Don't you think that the flower--the goodness--should be valued? "

"Yes, God. Goodness should be valued.", said Ronnie.

"That is my answer, son.", said God. "I made thorns so that people can value flowers. I made anger so that people can value calmness, politeness. I made greed so that people can value honesty. I made envy so that people can value brotherhood. Son, I put badness in people so that people can value goodness. Without badness, goodness has no value."

"You are right, God ", said Ronnie. "I would never value my parents' love if nobody ever hated me."

And so, God and Ronnie walked on and on, and Ronnie asked his second question:

"God, I feel afraid. I know that there is goodness as well as badness inside me. What if I become bad?"

"Son", said God." Not only you, everyone has goodness and badness. It's how I made you. But, you can choose what to act upon-- goodness or badness. It is up to you to choose your path."

"But, God", said Ronnie."How do I know I am making the right choice?"

God said:" My child, ask your heart. Your heart speaks the right choice. It is under no one's or nothing's influence but its own. It knows the truth. Everyone knows the truth by heart."

And so, God and Ronnie walked on and on, and Ronnie asked his last question:

"God, why did you make sadness? If there were no sadness, everyone would be happy forever."

God said:" Son, do you know how day and night come?"

"Yes!", said Ronnie."Earth goes around the sun!"

"Son, now imagine", said God." that Earth stops moving. There is light all around. But, Earth isn't moving. It isn't progressing. Likewise, son, to process in life, one must go through night and day. Happiness and sadness are two parts of the same wheel. If the wheel is moving, one part must touch the ground at one moment and the other part must touch the ground another moment. And son, don't you think that happiness is only because of sadness? Without sadness, one would never know the value of happiness."

And so, God answered all the questions of Ronnie.

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