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Shraddha Pandey



Shraddha Pandey


A Cancer Survivor: Shraddha

A Cancer Survivor: Shraddha

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There's a lot of stress. But, once you sit calmly, all that goes out the window.

So, after a hectic day like always I sat by my window and started observing the environment. The weather is quite good today. These drops of water falling on these green trees remind me of my childhood. Childhood, the best phase of everyone’s life. Whenever it rained I went to my terrace and enjoyed it like it’s the only time I can live happily.

Time flies with double speed. Today, I am a girl with thousand of dreams to accomplish, there was a time when I was a girl with no dream in her eyes. I always thought life is very simple and there is no complications. Just finish your homework, play your favorite sport and go to your bed, this is what life is. I was living in illusion. I never knew about the miracles and tragedies that can happen in life within seconds until the day I faced the worst part of my life. I was living the best part of my life.

I woke up, got ready and left for school. I was feeling very weird as I could realize there is something happening wrong to my health. Nevertheless, I attended every lectures and enjoyed the day. When I returned back I didn’t say anything to my family members and tried to behave like a normal healthy girl. It had been a week since I was feeling the same. After a week, I realized I should share this problem. So, I chose my mom and told her that I am feeling very weird. She shared this with my father and he gave me some tablets as he is a doctor. I took them and fell asleep. By next morning, I was sleeping and my mom was sitting next to me and taking tea. Meanwhile, she started cuddling and started moving her hand over my stomach. She felt something strange and when she tried to knowing what exactly it is, she felt like my upper surface of my stomach is very solid. She got scared and asked my father to check it. He checked it and decided to take me to the hospital. After two hours of examination, doctor came and suggested to go to another city to get better cure.

My parents got scared and they spoke in shivering voice, “Another city? Why? What are you saying Doctor”…

Doctor revealed and told them your daughter is suffering from a serious disease. I found symptoms of cancer, she is suffering from the same. The ground slipped under their feet. They started crying and asking for the reason for this disease. The doctor was in hurry so he left saying excuse me.

That was the first serious moment of my family till date. Everyone was nervous. A kind of dilemma for my family. Everyone was speechless. I started feeling problem in moving my body, walking and in doing every work. I started sleeping on the floor as it became a challenge for me to climb over the bad. After visiting many hospitals, they got the answer of what next…

Tata Memorial Hospital, yes! We have to leave for Mumbai within two days. As it was second stage of Ovarian cancer, everyone was tensed enough.

That night I saw my father crying very badly. I was helpless, I wanted to go close to him and wipe out his tears but I couldn’t. Seeing him weeping, I started crying too.

That was the worst day for my family, the day when I came to know that I am suffering from cancer. I was not much aware of this disease. Just that, I had a strong feeling that I have a few days left to live with these people. I always thought that there is no cure for this disease


 I was just passing expressions that were full of sorrow. My dad was familiar enough to understand the consequences of this disease.

I said, “What? What did you just say?”

Doctor-Dear, it's a serious disease, did you ever hear about cancer?

I started crying after listening the word. I felt it's time to leave the world. I said, “How many days are left”…

I asked this question because I watched Waqt-Race against time and honestly I didn't know anything about this disease, just had an illusion in my mind that it’s a way having a single destination which is death…

Doctor said it's end of 2nd stage and it has grown too much, it's touching some organs too.

I didn't get what he is talking about, but it seems like Daddy was getting everything.

They asked for Daddy's signature on some agreement.

After few days, they took me to the OT and operation was successful, fortunately.

You can't even imagine that phase. I will elaborate on this incident someday else and in some other answer.

One more twist, I had to appear for my exams. But, doctor refused me to leave the hospital. After the day I operate, I insisted doctor that I have to go, I have to attend my board exams. He said, no you are not capable to walk for next fifteen days. You can give your exams next year. Don't forget, health comes first. I started crying and asked to remove all the pipes from my body. He refused that day and left the room.

I tried to appease my Daddy and elder brother to get rid from this place for few days. Next day, he(Dr.Shahid Qureshi, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai) permitted me to discharge, I thanked him, he was one of the best person I have ever met.

A person with zero ego. I still remember his smile, he used to pass while looking at me.

Finally, I went to my home. Attended exams and got first division (65%).

My Daddy was expecting 95+, when I started my studies for 10th, as I got 91.5 in my 8th and 93.7 in 9th.

Such results are responsible to enhance the expectations of parent.

I am also a source of inspiration to my school mates and a few more…

This incident taught me many lessons but damaged one of my ovary.

Never give up, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.

Life is all about accepting challenge and prove yourself .It’s not that complicated, life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Don't make things too complicated. Try to relax, enjoy every moment, get used to everything.


I went through many hard times in my life. Many more years to live but, still I have a great experience about life. I am very lucky because this disease chose me, it helped me to unleash my hidden potential. The more you suffer, the more strong you become. Life is all about exploring and learning new things. If you are not bettering yourself on daily basis that means you are not exploring this world. You can be a part of crowd or you can become unique in this crowd, choice is all yours’.

As I love travelling so, every month I travel and explore this world. Meeting new people and knowing them is one of the favorite time pass that I do while travelling. In my life journey till date, I faced many kind of people, when I was suffering from cancer I came to know about the different colors of people, not just strangers but also, those who were very close to me.

There is a lot to experience in life, I encounter a different experience on daily basis. My life is a roller coaster ride where there are both ups and downs and I am facing every phase of my life with grace. Being a cancer patient, I never feel like I shouldn’t travel alone, I shouldn’t dream big. I don’t care about the next moment of my life. I always give my 101% to the moment, I am living in. This is what life is, I have so many dreams to fulfill, I will accomplish them all. I want to convey a lesson about the complexity of life. If being a cancer patient I am surviving from last ten years, I am not giving up and achieving dreams that I want to achieve. Then, you shouldn’t underestimate yourself, difficulties are just a way to unleash your hidden zeal that you failed to explore till yet. Difficulties are a part of life. Trust me, you can cross every hurdle if you believe in yourself.

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