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Richa Baijal



Richa Baijal


A Broken Wing Can Fly High

A Broken Wing Can Fly High

7 mins 449 7 mins 449

Rashmi had decided to live alone in 2011. Very few women have the courage to take such decisions after marriage. And now she will scatter or recover, nothing was known. Yes, there was just a home to look like, it was her supporting parents. Time was passing just in tears and being in bed. She did not dare to look at anyone, it seemed as if it was her fault. At the same time, she chose some online friends to talk to. But it was known that in this online life, one day she will have to tell the truth. And then when one day Amit told him that he likes her, she told everything about her on the phone. Her entire face was in tears. Right now, the hearing of her divorce case was going on and it was not known when the decision would be taken.

Rashmi was sensible enough and she told her husband before going to court, "Stop me, Amay. Then I will not be able to change anything."

"Do , whatever you want to do", Rashmi was shaken by hearing Amay's rude reply.

She turned herself into a stone again. Her eyes were filled with tears while rubbing and talking with the plants outside the court ground. But, Rashmi was a brave girl; she never let her tears came out.When she was called by the judge inside; she was all the time given a new date because of her husband’s absence in the court. Rashmi had to face her own existence every time. There was no friend of her to hold hands and tell her that Rashmi you are right. Yes, there were here old parents who would accompany her on every date of the court.

"Does this happens after marriage also?" - I just kept looking in her eyes on Rashmi's question. "I mean my mother and father also fight, but live together. Papa did not bring another mother?And you know that uncle in our family also has only one aunt, uncle has only one aunt, I mean why this thing(divorce) is coming to me? "

I did not have the answer to her innocent questions. At the age of 24 and arguing with that innocence she was not understanding the word ‘divorce’? It felt like after graduation, it was a new study which she had to do and the syllabus was out of course.

We would never have seen or shown divorce in films and if shown we were not able to understand that particular part in the films.Always, the hero - heroine get back to each other after crying ; then why was the same not happening in her life?

In September 2016, the verdict came that everything is finished legally. Rashmi's collection of bangles, wearing her saree, her dress - embellishments are all over. The vermilion of her forehead, that red dot will disappear and then how un-pretty will she look? She started applying mascara to erase the emptiness of the eyes. It was necessary to hide the tears and pain.

Life was moving on. When the news comes in the middle that 'the wife committed suicide, after her husband left’, my heart was shaken.

"Rashmi, how are you?" - I would call her immediately.

"Just fine dear, nothing." - She would get quiet by saying that.

It seemed cumbersome to get up from her bed. Then she abused Amay and he was also worthy of her abuse. He had encroached the life of a girl.

In 2015, she started attending M Tech's class at the behest of a friend. Her struggle there was different there also. When asked about her next plan at M Tech class, she said:

"Sir, banking is to be done."

"Ok, I understand, will you be the Accountant? The one that used to be in the films of 1980. He used to sit with wooden table, ledger and glasses." - All were laughing at her.

"No sir, there will be an A.C. also" - this innocent logic of her,  did she just want an A.C.? No money?

Just the visual that Sir had made in front of her, she had made it more beautiful.

"And the cabin too", Rashmi added.

"That's all is here too, ma'am" - Sir said arrogantly. But at the same time all the ACs there were closed. The scavenger had said that if the AC is to be cleaned, they will remain closed for an hour. After this, all the arguments were over.

Rashmi's eyes were lost in her book. It felt like she had won that moment of time. When Rashmi had said that she was just giving her exams, she did not know anything about her upcoming life.

There was a time when her voice was falling apart while talking. She did not want to go out anywhere. It seemed as if all eyes were questioning her, why are you here? She made books her world.

Sometimes she used to say why does my Mtech Sir think that I will not be able to do anything? Why did that Astrologer say that I will not be able to become a banker? If I come correct to all the questions then also I will not be selected? What will I do then?

 But then she used to try more harder. Books would be away from her only when her mind was in a stunned state.

"What is this madness, Rashmi?"-I asked her once.

"What happened?"-she looked at me.

"You are making questions in this small mobile phone with a copy pen in your hand while being in train? Is this normal?"

"Oh! You know, Sudha this is starting to look good now.”-she said calmly.

"What do you mean Rashmi?"

"If it will not do these questions , there will be no 'oiling' of the mind."

"Yes, but by doing a 'Promise' Rashmi, you will not give up on life. This exam is very difficult"

“You know Sudha, in that class of M.Tech when Sir says you are 29 and I am 28, I can still do everything, and you just have to talk, you can not do anything ; that one unknown person is questioning my existence. Who is he?. Who is he to insult me in that class or to make me realize my age? Then there is an astrologer who says that I am going to fail in the bank exams, I will just fail.Who are these people looking for their happiness in my defeat? And who was he who was left me alone after making promise of togetherness for life? Why people don’t ask them questions?”

"Rashmi, " - My hand was rubbing her shoulder.

"My younger sister has started telling me that why do I study all this sister, you are not able to do even after so much effort. Her questions are not sad for me, it is just sad that she is afraid of trying because of my failures. It is very simple to say, why should I do, when my sister is a failure in her efforts? There are many questions, Sudha; when they start to bother this little mind of mine, I give it the questions of maths and reasoning. I give it work so that it does not bother me with its questions.”

"Are you alright girl?"- I prompted in between.

"Yes Sudha, of course. Don't worry, the madness you feel today is just an attempt of me so that after four years from now I can tell myself that I had tried my best. I am not stubborn, just trying to succeed, to rise and stand. "-she assured me that with her smile.

"I am scared Rashmi."

 "I will not die Sudha, don't you worry" - she held my hand in her hands. My station had arrived. It was a day that moistened my eyes totally.

After some time I got her call.

 "Sudha, today was the first day of joining."


"Where are you then, Rashmi?"

 "I have become an Accountant (Muneem of the 1980s)" - she laughed saying.

It felt as if those 5 years of life had passed through the eyes like a fast train. And this was Rashmi's new world, which was in her mind; In which she will learn to be happy. There will still be conflicts and people will still ask: "Madam, are you married?" And then the confusion that occurs even when filling forms of government exams. Single, married or divorced? To tell the truth, the heart wants to write ‘single’ after being Divorced, but what we mention is something else.

But I know Rashmi's answer will now be at her wish and happiness. She never understood the philosophy of this world; she also gives work to the mind so that it does not disturb her. Very Proud of You, Rashmi.

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