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Miss Daksha Udhani



Miss Daksha Udhani


Yeah You

Yeah You

1 min 117 1 min 117

Go to the mirror and see yourself

But really it's not you at all, 

I mean there's your eyes, nose and

cute little smile, but that's not all. 

Because you have not seeing the amount of 

lives you have touched with your presence, 

You're not seeing the people you made laugh and smile

You are not seeing how strong you are

Infect all the battles you have overcome

are completely invisible in the mirror

hidden beneath your outside features, 

You are not as simple as reflection

It's only showing one tree in the forest, 

one star in the galaxy, 

one grain of sand at the beach and

you are so much more than that, 

You are wonderful, 

something so brilliant

that simply mirror doesn't have the 

capability to show..!!

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