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Kajal Singh

Abstract Inspirational


Kajal Singh

Abstract Inspirational



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With my dreams being so high,

I wondered to have wings to reach the sky.

I remember how brutally the sky pushed me from that high,

My hopes and desires came crashing on my mind.

This new dream looks impossible from my reach.

But, I am not someone to get afraid of my previous defeats.

I will work hard on my wings this time,

Going to show this sky, the very best bird hidden inside mine.

The way you are showering the rain on me,

I will freeze the drops with all the clouds inside mine.

I want to fly as my blood is boiling,

To write a history of how the sky kneeled to my feet,

That day you will realize how desperate I was for my dream.

If your storms want to humiliate me with my failures,

I am so gonna show how they sewed my wings for this weather.

Failure is my best friend who taught me to fight back with the sky.

Never going to whimper over my failures,

My wings are blowing away my dry tears.

This success is not a result of a single attempt,

I was bruised when I fell from that high.

The scars are gone and the failures vanished

when the sky apologized for its nasty manners.

Maybe fate has already chosen you to beat the failures,

but you are busy curtailing your own intellect from winning.

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