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Maanasa Murugesh

Abstract Inspirational


Maanasa Murugesh

Abstract Inspirational

What Am I?

What Am I?

1 min

What am I?

I am sparkling stardust,

A shimmering spangle of colours

Glimmering in the twilight sky

I am the froth of the calm waves

And the raging ripples of thunder

I am one among the

Vibrant solar washes of aurora

Of cosmic brilliance and eternity

I am the voice of a roaring lioness

Standing on a boulder, head held high

That bellows through the quaint hills

And the hushed tranquil skies

I am love, joy and hope

I am chaos, confusion and anxiety

I am warm sunshine and leisure

I am bitter lightning and thunder

I am a tree of loving warmth

With caring arms to embrace

I am the crest of the mighty waves

That crash and shatter into several droplets

I am the very pinnacle of the skies

I am the very core of Mother Earth

I am the magical note of music

That leaves a tender twinge in your heart

I am the tiny droplet of rain

That mirrors the entire Universe

Every cell of mine,

Is a masterpiece of the heavens,

Created with generous helpings of stardust.

I flush with bursts of energy

And seldom remain lifeless

For I am a poem, one that is incomplete

Scrawling and erasing words

For I am a song, one that is eternal

Listening to snatches of the melody within

I am a unique blend of dynamic colours

I am beyond definition

I am the Universe

I am me.

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