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Mohit Jain



Mohit Jain


We Try!

We Try!

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We try, we try

We fail, yet another try

Despite of finding the reasons of failure, we try!

With a hope of something better, we give it a chance

This time more intense, we give it a glance

With a sense of minute satisfaction

Ignoring the recent rejection

With a hope of something in our favour

But a little less of the required labour

We fight a battle with complacency

And hope to win it with great decency!

We fight it with desperation

But fail due to less preparation

We are lost in the failure

Waiting for the saviour

To rescue us from where we are marooned

To help us before we get doomed

But no one arrives and we are stuck

We think, we are just suck

Then we try to overcome the situation

We try to get some inspiration

All we do is..... WE TRY!!!!!

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