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“We The Creator Or Destructor?

“We The Creator Or Destructor?

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Rivers are elixir of life.

Nature blessed us with this life line,

But rivers are dying,

Receding water level ,disappearing aquatic life .

Then how can we celebrate life

Can we restore and revive?

Can we keep them alive?

Rivers are loaded with pollution,

For this greenery is the only solution.

Rivers are veins don’t pollute it,

It gives us everything just salute it.

Rivers for recreation ,rivers for worship,

Make it perennial, make it replenished.

Trees are precious preserve them,

Rivers are treasure reserve them.

Keep earth clean,

Plant every where trees make mother earth green.

Replenish aquifers refill every stream.

Everyone talk about sorrow,

But efforts are very less to save our tomorrow.

Whole India join by river link,

How can we do this just think.

Nature protects everyone

But how we thanked it in return ?

The water is blue

But is that true ?

The air is pure

But are you sure ?

There is always a brighter day

Everyone wants it so make a change today

Serenely flowing rivers & breath taking sea waves

Lofty mountain ranges & lush green forest

Take a oath to make this again

Restore mother nature, revert it again

Desire to admire mother earth umpteen

So please don’t intervene in her natural routine.

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