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Tavleen Kaur



Tavleen Kaur


We're All The Same

We're All The Same

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There were two parts of me. 

My mind didn't like my body

My body didn't like my mind.

Until the day they both started to align. 

The way your eyes perceive my skin may be different than I perceive myself.

And that's alright. 

But our perceptions reflect us. 

So maybe its time we shift our society's paradigms. 

I am perfect

And so are you.

We were born the same way,

By the same phenomenon.

It's our minds that are different. 

That puts labels on human beings. 

Her waist may be smaller than yours. 

His muscles may be bigger than yours.

But realize that they're all alike.

You and me - we look different.

But we're all the same. 

My peace with my body made me happy.

My happiness with myself made me wish for your peace. 

Take a look at yourself and realize

There are no flaws, there is just you.

You have a beauty, unique to every person in this world.

There is nothing that you have to prove. 


You are not beautiful in spite of your flaws.

You are beautiful because you are human just like us all. 

Defy the world and its rules of physical perfection.

And you'll feel the peace and happiness you were always meant to conquer. 

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