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Priya Singh



Priya Singh


Was It Love?

Was It Love?

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I woke up with a jolt,

The dreamy little world I created saw the sunshine for the first time.

I thought I left the past behind.

I won the race finally.

But unknown to me my past had become a part of me.

Growing every day along my veins like a labyrinth ready to tangle me again.

I should have cut it off when it was just a sapling.

Rather than running away and hiding.

I should have known I can't keep you forever.

I should have known that the promises of forever are meant to be broken.

I should have known that forever is a mythological word.

A fancy term, a fictional word;

Only used for decoration.

It's been a year,

You left.

But the labyrinth of your memories is flailing its arms growing one with my veins.

I cried and was distraught.

The one I thought mine, was never mine.

I have trusted people only to be deceived again, I realized.

Now I look at pictures; staring at your eyes; I ask,

"Was it love? If not, then why pretend?"

Why did you pretend?

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