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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Vintage Cats

Vintage Cats

2 mins 173 2 mins 173

Walking down the aisle I see three cats talking,

" Oh, these humans!!! What a charm it is to watch them waste it all away" says the Persian, creamish house cat.

" I know right! They walk and talk, they run and dance, they love and hurt, with it... bowing to it! Once it's off the world collapse the horizon is far off to catch! You should see they dance like a vagabond when there's no light on it.." says the black kitty there.

" That's nothing broooo!! You know sometimes they even say they are on no toxic week! That's willingly being away from the light in hand...Man you gotta see they go so restless like there's no fish on rack!!'' says the Persian.

Silently listening, stretching in between, licking its paws here and there talks the third small cat. The statue is small but he is mature than others, it seems he is a poor family cat, he looks like master Shifu to these cats.

Yawning it says, " Oh you lads, it's called cell for the sake of pamphlet!! Don't call it the light in hand or some other name! And what a ruckus you both have caused! I have seen people on the cell their whole life and dieing anyway just like that! It's not a big deal for them to miss out on the life's out there or the real meaning of being social. These people even know love by quotes or some movies they saw, they're gonna find love in movie characters and would be happy for them living together but when it comes to standing for their love, oh goes away the spinal cord! For this generation standing on their words is similar to standing on normal plain ground little stones and they jump off the road while in my childhood my master's held their grounds even in earthquakes! What are we talking about these generation brats, who are comfortable in comparing their life with someone they saw on insta app and when people ask why is depression surrounding their canvas!! Let it go, let them live if breathing can be called living, they don't even know each passing second can be a turning point if they have wished! And here we're wasting our meet up! Let's talk about the fishes now!"


I stand there helpless.

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