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Fathy Light



Fathy Light




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Those Lullabies

I wrote, I Wished and yearned

To whisper gently on your ears

Hush, sleep tight, baby

With the warmth of God's

Embrace closer to you

Those lullabies

I smilingly crafted, and hoped to sing

at the edge of tumultuous nights

Don't fear the darkness

For Angels besides you, to protect

and guard over you, baby

Those lullabies

Of melodious music, of love

That is beyond the realm of this world

Hush, don't cry baby

I will be right here by you, to fight

Forever and always, for you

Those lullabies

Still unsung, echoing

At the depth of my hollowed heart

Hush, Close your little eyes

Hold my fingers with yours, baby

And let me take care of everything

Those lullabies, I never had

a chance to sing to you, bleeding

in the cracks of my broken soul

Those lullabies, unsung

For you have said your goodbyes

Before I even had a chance to say Hello!


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