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Waiting On The Windows

Waiting On The Windows

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Those shivering kisses

Touching me from head to toe,

Drenched with passion

Melodious piano in my bones,

A dance of decadence

You, me, and 100 boneless hugs,

Hearing secret whisper, of

Long held, but unsaid memories,

Like a bad thief, you've

Stolen my heart, a long time ago,

Now, I keep waiting,

Eyes and heart on the windows,

Yearning for another kiss, one

Gentle touch, a small embrace,

Longing for another murmur,

In the ear, and some wet smooches,

But where are you? Why is

This cloud playing hide and seek?

Where are you, again?

Holding out until I beg on my knees?

Come, Rain, and soothe the

Hurt firing in my blood cells.

Come, Rain, take me to your sky, and

Let me fly like a fluttering butterfly.

Come, Rain, let us dance our

Song, together. A waltz, once more.

Just once more. Come again and

Take me to the world better than here.

I am still waiting, windows opened,

Come, Rain and let me forget all the bad in life.

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