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End Of School And Us

End Of School And Us

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The wishes on our fingers

Spoken through the silly jokes

And booming laughter

Drops of our dreams shared

Between your nails to me

Friends forever, and ever

Mealtime secrets to gossips

Shared on the lunches along

With our dry chapatis,

The promises of till deaths

Do us part, always and other

Such kind, with pinkies,

Suddenly, one day the

School is over, and dear friend,

You and me, where are we?

The world with its sharp claws

And bottomless stomach ready

To swallow me inside

I am so afraid,

I am all alone

But where are you, now?

Sometimes I smell you in

My skin, you smile

Skittering along my bones

And then there is only

Emptiness and the static

In my aching ears

The bench with our names

Carved on in its surface

Is weeping with our old stories

The greeting card in my hand,

Sometimes I read the lie

In the and cry

Oh, one day the school

is over, but why did you make sure

Our friendship is over too?

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