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Twisted Brain

Twisted Brain

2 mins 13.3K 2 mins 13.3K

Switched on a journey of mind 

Traveling in the glossary world of the path

The Mishap with an old man

Shouting and Withering the learning nature 

I stayed in place to form

An incumbent thought

Which is a delusive time of the brain

Later, it's opened with the two beautiful world

As like the chamber of secrets open with innumerable cryptic form

Half brain opened with the sincerity to obligate learning phase of life

And another is fictional brain

Where Everything is a fiction 

The voice is a rivalry form of fiction character's 

The theme turns the image with the same situation 

As like the blue colour in the sky

The fiction is the colour a mind can imagine different colours of the sky.

It's proving that your inside World is more creative and innovative than your outside World,

"Blinking eyes too 

Open with two World 


Life is strain in an acoustic platform 

The platform form half planted gross to half dream light

My brain Is my inner composed life 

Where I create intriguing things which an unexpected era of life

Half brain works in the learning world

But other half Is my own world 

Where I create the story from emotional to romantic expression and creature in mind,

My life with half Brain is running as

the Rajdhani Express in the dwelling track,

Every second I create a picture which is imagination mode

But expressing as the real to divine with it for the whole life!

The Expression of half world is:

Flying kite to run behind to catch it as to walk for the dream 

Playing guitar is to turn the feelings by the wave to taste the flavour of abundant life's,

Sitting under the tree is flouring the memories of love beneath under the romantic glance,

Standing in-between the both worlds are like the water wave struck to chose the time to travel with a daily life as sincerely or to choose the different world where Everything is a happiness of life until we discovered in mind to turn it in the real world 

Mirror is the shadow of a human creature, but does the shadow is the real image of life?

Brain is painted image of two worlds which will be with you till the end of the life!


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