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Khushboo Baheti

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Khushboo Baheti

Inspirational Others

Time Has Come

Time Has Come

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Call it corona

Or the evil side of our own karma!

The time has come

And justice will be done.

While the world stands broken down to parts,

Those scary numbers rising each minute on the charts.

The race to hospitals doesn’t seem to end,

While Mother Earth shows her own new trend.

Those silent roads, that clear sky,

That mirror clean water, those birds flying high!

Those helpless hands yet hopeful eyes,

Waiting for a new miracle looking at the skies.

Amidst these lines of thick and thin,

Amidst this fight of virtues and sin,

It's time to pray,

It's time to pledge.

Pledge to sense your duty above emotion,

Pledge to come together for the nation.

Come leave behind the myths that hover,

Its time to awaken that divine power.


With the blink of her eye,

She can turn the wheels high!

So “This Navratri”

Hail loud for the Adi Shakti

To come down the sky

And protect us from the evil’s eye!!

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