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The Warriors in Front

The Warriors in Front

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They are the front line warriors,

Who treat the coronavirus carriers,

 if they had turned down their back on us,

During this time of the dreaded virus,

the fear of what would have happened to us,

Imagine just imagine the chaos in all of us, 

If we think of this invading dreaded virus,

But instead, they stood like warriors,

Doing their duty treating the carriers,

Hands of love, of caring, of nursing, without

Reciprocal expectations, for to these warriors it's all about,

Saving everyone from this corona virus,

for your treatment don't look further than us,

For we promise to fight till the very end,

For are we, not each other's friend.

For we will be with you all day,

Till the virus leaves you and goes away.

The warriors on the front line stand behind you,

In front of you, besides you, all around you.

Respect these great warriors for without them we are lost,

At a very great and deadly cost,

So when it's finally time for them to come,

We shall all stand together to give them a

grand welcome.

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