Show The People Your Worth!!

Show The People Your Worth!!

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Everybody is successful 

In his or her ways. 

But there are some people who are full of jealousy and negativity,

And they think that the ones who are successful 

Are using wrong ways. 

There are many people who are full of negativity 

They can't see an individual climb height in his life, 

So they say something 

And then that person starts doubting his abilities.

Those negative people can't be successful in their life, 

As to attain success

One needs to help others to succeed in their life.

Never associate with these kinds of negative people, 

As their mind is full of negative thoughts

And it is truly said that "An empty mind is a devil's workshop. "

If you have faith and believe in yourself

And know that you are right, 

Then never get affected by these cruel knights.

Instead, prepare yourself to fight against those knights. 

You can't just get positive by reading positive books, 

You need to keep on telling yourself that you can do it and everything can be faced

And always find a positive side in each and every case. 

Positive thoughts are like birds, 

Freely flying in the sky

But if a negative thought enters your mind, 

It will shoot you down 

And ultimately your dreams would die. 

Never let your dreams die

Show everyone that you are not a coward who would sit and cry. 

Show them that your mind has no space for negative thoughts to fit. 

Prove them, that if you can dream it, you can do it. 

Show the people what is your worth

Ignore those unkind people, thoughts and words. 

Show the people that nothing can affect you henceforth.

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