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Anil James

Drama Tragedy


Anil James

Drama Tragedy

The Unheard Cries

The Unheard Cries

2 mins 21 2 mins 21

Every moment my cries were left unheard,

Inside four walls with my vision blurred,

Those senses of touch felt like a catastrophe,

Yesterday of mine has pulled me down in agony.

Looking back into the rewind kills me every day,

The story so mournful, to the world I couldn't say,

Things I've been is the reason for my insomnia now,

With this heavy heart, how can I rise above?

Day by day in misery I was dying in,

Silent to the world in the pains I've been,

Fear of being judged killed from inside,

Was I really at fault?

Every touch made me shiver,

Peace of mine was quivered,

Tongue-tied I bared everything,

Those moments which had cut down my wings.

From inside I cried every moment,

For mourns of mine remained unheard.

The agony was the place of mine to reside,

From the judgemental world, a place to hide.

Tears of mine now were shedding like streams,

The charisma of mine was now full of mournful screams,

Groping me every jiff pulled me down on my knees,

Will the life ahead be the same?

Liketh a fallen angel now I'm,

Killed the real me, an innocent lamb

Those memories of grief pull me down again,

Will it end someday?

Scar of mine is still fresh inside,

All alone I'm with no one beside,

Nightmares are those evocations in mind,

Present now I lose when I recall the rewind

Raising voice scares still scares from inside,

Bearing the blames still keeps all isolated from the world , so wide.

Millions fear to express but experience this pain,

All alone are they in vain,

Will these atrocities end someday,

When no one like me will all alone shed tears alone.

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