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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Urvi Shah

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Urvi Shah

Abstract Classics Inspirational

The Stone

The Stone

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While moving down a road

On the way to the final abode

I found a small silly stone

Someone might have to disown

I started hitting it with my feet

All along the street

It seemed small and artless activity

But the stone seemed to have certain captivity

It was fun accompanying it in

The strange directions it took

Though it was not adventurous

But I continued following it like a kid generous

Sadly, it was a short-lived companion

It was out of sight because of my kick

It ended our beloved union

My shoes started turning red, after that flick

But why? I considered it my friend

Or it just pretends?

I could feel the crimson blood, all over the feet

I wondered if it was stone’s treat?

I found another stone

Now its characteristics were known

I knew it would hurt

But I don’t know why I didn’t avert

Continued hitting and following

I was in tears but I didn’t stop moving

Why I didn’t stop?

Why did I keep hurting myself?

My feeling a let drop

I realized this after reaching the destination

The road could have been a great vacation

But I just focused on stone

On my condition, I groan              

Wait! What was that stone?

I wonder whether it was an unsolved problem

Which restricted me from blossom

I continued following and playing

Unaware of the price I was paying

But now reached the final destination

And got time for self-reflection

What’s your stone?

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