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The Road To Success

The Road To Success

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Failures are the biggest lessons in our Life.

They are like those strict teachers,

Whom we think give us a hard time,

But later we realize their worth,

When those teachings become really useful in real-time!

Failures are not the end of the world,

Rather a failure is a stepping stone to achieve a milestone!

Failures are as precious as books,

There's so much to learn from them,

It all depends on your will to yearn!

Failures lead to the road to Success,

Which might look lonely and grove at first glance,

But with patience and a strong will,

It takes us an inch closer to our dreams!

It's important in one's Life to fail,

Without a failure,

You will always be the way you think you are.

Standing at the same level,

Far from reality,

You won't be able to elevate,

You won't be able to realize your actual worth,

And your dreams will remain dreams!

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