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God's creation

God's creation

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God created the Heaven and the Earth,

And with all his heart,

He created human beings,

Who are attached by strings,

Which are controlled by God,

Humans are the best gifts the world has ever got!

God created the beautiful nature,

And all the creatures.

He created each and every tree,

But we humans do not see,

Their importance and benefit,

That they help us stay fit.

He created all birds and animals,

Out of which, most important are the mammals.

But we humans do we see?

That everything happens according to his will,

But still,

That doesn’t mean we can do anything,

And spoil his created things!

It is we who spoil the Mother Earth,

Who is burning like the hearth.

We spoil it by littering and polluting,

By deforestation and overgrazing.

Towards the Earth, this is our attitude,

Which makes us rude.

As we do not care about the nature,

Nor do we respect any creature.

All my friends,

It is not the end.

Lets join hands and save our planet,

And pay our part of the rent,

Given by God,

As each one of us is not fraud.

So lets Go Green,

And make our Earth neat and clean!!

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