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The Maze

The Maze

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She couldn't stop herself from falling,

Just couldn't stop herself from loving,

I wonder,

How can someone be so bad a habit?

That you don't care,

And just shamelessly stare,

And when he is not with her,

She still is occupied with him.

In every thought of her,

In her every action,

She just remembers his every reaction!

In each notification of her phone,

And in her every passing moment,

It is just his memories which are instored!

He too is not leading a life apart,

For he too claims and each time answers,

That he doesn't miss her at all..

For, she is with him already,

In his every moment,

In his every action,

In his every thought,

She too is consumed in his soul like her's!


This craziness and distraction,

Is sweet yet disastrous,

For with the passing of each moment of our lives,

We are just getting more closer to our destinations,

He to his,

She to her's,


Both cannot think that much,

Thus they shine


Simultaneously prosper!

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