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The Last Glance

The Last Glance

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It was the moment, the moment which needed no explanation

the moment which brought her on the two ends of the road where she couldn't choose just the one.

It was the moment which tested her love, tested her love as a daughter

and a true lover.

Her father was standing affirm in her front with eyes red which were successful in showing tears as anger

at other end of the room stand a tall, handsome and pretty boy with softness in his eyes and wetness on his face

The environment was hot and each and every minute for her was very important

her one decision right or wrong would change not only her life but the life of two families

Most importantly those two men which looked at each other as if one was from India and the other was of Pakistan.

Finally her father spoke, spoke in a loud voice mixed with his toughness, " who do you choose?"

she felt like something hit her hard

felt like suddnely the land below her foot slipped.

Her head was throbbing with only one question, whom to choose

his father or him

As both loved her

both cared for her

Both supported her

whom to choose

I can't do unjust to others love by choosing the other,"Said her heart"

I can't go against my father's wish

but I can't leave the one who loved me with so much dedication

She stood there stood still as if it was her statue

where to move where to go whom to chose

How can she leave her lover

who stood by her side in all the situations

Who cared for her when her parents were not there for her

who trusted in her when no one trusted her

But her father, her father, how can she forget him?

Who, who himself got wet, got wet in rain to save her from wetting down

just to put smile on her face, he celebrated her B'day wih great pomp

Even though he was in lack of money

he spared sleep to earn for her studies

how can she forget him?

Who cared, cared for her every smile

she raised her head to look once at both of them

Her father as before was standing affirm hiding his tears and his love for her

while her lover was wet wet with tears all over

And face was serene and calm as the graveyard

but his eyes,his eyes told her, told her that "he will always be with her

Be with her each and every decision," as if he was sure that whom she gonna choose.

when she found herself satisfied after looking at both of them

She wiped her tears with final determination

and made her steps forward

As she raised her first step their heartbeat arise,their heartrate got in their fullest speed as if to come out any moment

But unaware of their heartbeat she moved moved ahead

moved ahead reached her destiny,reached to father and sunk in his arms

Exchanged her affectionate feeling with her father,

and father exchanged her proud feeling of his blood and gave a jealous and humorous look to her lover

Heartbroken boy, the helpless boy tried to take her step forward but something held him,

somone stopped him


she held his hands and hugged him tightly with tears all over

He too, broke down crying and both lost themselves and the whole world on each others lips.

But wait is he her final destination

she left her father

What will this world say

what will the neighbours say

What will her jealous cousins say

no she couldn't do unjust to her father's love.

She took her steps back

back and reached where she was standing before

And glanced each of them one by one

and before anyone could sense what she was doing

She cut her veins and stabbed herself twice with the pocket knife of her father

All was again silent

The atmosphere was still hot

but she doesn't care as she lay peacefully

Peacefully in her grave.

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